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EU and FAO partner to help flood-affected Serbian farms rebuild
 - 25/07/2014 - The European Union (EU) will partner with FAO to help small-scale farmers in Serbia recover from the devastating floods of the past spring. An EU grant of EUR 8 million, ...read more

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Food prices remain high despite higher output
 - 22/05/2008 - Increased hunger likely in some poor countries. High food prices have particularly hit vulnerable populations in many countries that spend a substantial part of their income on food, according to a ...read more
More than 2.6 million Somalis in crisis
 - 19/05/2008 - Situation could worsen, particularly for urban poor and drought-hit rural communities. The humanitarian situation in Somalia is deteriorating quickly due to soaring food prices, a significantly devalued Somali shilling, and ...read more
Myanmar’s food bowl devastated
 - 09/05/2008 - USD 10 million urgently needed to assist poor farming and fishing communities.  The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) today called for USD 10 million to assist poor farming and fishing ...read more
Diouf welcomes US commitment
 - 05/05/2008 - Statement by FAO's Director General, Dr Jacques Diouf, following the announcement by U.S. President George W. Bush that he is asking Congress to approve an additional USD 770 million in food ...read more
Diouf: world must seize chance to boost agriculture
 - 29/04/2008 - High food prices not just threat but opportunity - FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf today called on the international community not only to take immediate action to de-fuse the current world ...read more
Extreme dry weather worsens food situation in Zimbabwe
 - 10/04/2008 - Extreme dry weather in several provinces of Zimbabwe is likely to cause serious damage to the main 2008 maize harvest, FAO warned today. This could aggravate an already precarious food security situation ...read more
Urgent measures required to reduce high food prices
 - 09/04/2008 - UN agency chiefs highlight role of agro-industries – Urgent measures are needed to ensure that short-term adverse effects of higher food prices do not impact even more alarmingly on the ...read more
Ducks and rice play key role in avian influenza outbreaks
 - 26/03/2008 - New scientific findings published - Ducks, people and rice paddies, rather than chickens, are the major factors behind outbreaks of H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza in Thailand and Viet Nam, ...read more
Bird flu situation in Indonesia critical
 - 18/03/2008 - High load of circulating virus could lead to mutation and a human influenza pandemic - The prevalence of avian influenza in Indonesia remains serious despite containment efforts undertaken by national ...read more
Miriam Makeba visits rape survivors in DR Congo
 - 13/03/2008 - FAO Goodwill Ambassador says support for women crucial to nation’s improvement amid fragile peace - Singer and activist Miriam Makeba says women survivors of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of ...read more