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Mali fileadmin/user_upload/emergencies/img/large_50982179998_cd6c5963cb_o.jpg La FAO est sur le terrain afin de soutenir les ménages sinistrés par les inondations dans la région de Tombouctou
 - 02/03/2021 - À Tombouctou, l’année 2020 a été marquée par l’aggravation de la crise sécuritaire et alimentaire, par les impacts de la maladie à coronavirus 2019 (covid-19) et par l’abondance de l’eau ...read more

Latest Stories

Syrian Arab Republic fileadmin/user_upload/emergencies/img/medium__33S6872 (1).jpg Belgium supports FAO to improve livestock keepers’ food security with integrated interventions
 - 03/08/2020 - Without an intervention, more animals, which are a source of food and livelihood, will be lost, resulting in increasing rates of food insecurity. After nine years of devastating crisis in the ...read more
Cabo Verde fileadmin/user_upload/emergencies/img/medium_IMG_9949.JPG Belgium supports vulnerable farmers affected by three years of drought and the effects of COVID-19 [in French]
 - 30/07/2020 - The emergency project aims at supporting the Government of Cabo Verde in the preparation of the 2020/21 agricultural campaign and to protect farmers’ means of production, in order to ensure the food security ...read more
Eastern Africa fileadmin/user_upload/emergencies/img/medium_PO_SOM_202005130002.jpg Urgent action required to prevent a major food crisis
 - 27/07/2020 - IGAD-FAO-WFP Joint Statement The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) region faces an unprecedented triple threat to food security caused by the combined effects of recent severe floods, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic ...read more
Northeastern Nigeria fileadmin/user_upload/emergencies/img/medium_DSC_0994.jpg Rebuilding livelihoods in Borno State
 - 24/07/2020 - Thanks to European Union support - FAO is regenerating livestock production to strengthen resilience of vulnerable populations in Borno State  The current coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is a crisis within ...read more
South Sudan fileadmin/user_upload/emergencies/img/medium_PO_SSD_201803_0015.jpg Violence threatens over 60 000 people in Bor and Pibor with hunger
 - 23/07/2020 - Recurring violence in Jonglei and the Greater Pibor Administrative Area in the eastern part of South Sudan has already displaced more than 60 000 people and is crippling the food security and ...read more
Yemen sees return to alarming levels of food insecurity
 - 22/07/2020 - Economic crisis, conflict, floods, desert locusts – and now COVID-19 – could wipe out improvements in food security in parts of Yemen, UN agencies warn Economic shocks, conflict, floods, desert locusts ...read more
Zimbabwe fileadmin/user_upload/emergencies/img/medium_seed distribution.jpg Belgium supports anticipatory action project
 - 22/07/2020 - Belgium contributes to an anticipatory action project aimed at enhancing the food security and nutrition of populations affected by COVID-19 in Zimbabwe The Government of Zimbhas declared the coronavirus disease 2019 ...read more
Ethiopia fileadmin/user_upload/emergencies/img/medium_PO_ETH_202005_0029.jpg Protecting livelihoods of communities affected by desert locusts
 - 22/07/2020 - Targeted households to benefit from livestock feed, crop seeds, and cash transfers FAO has launched a programme to safeguard and restore livelihoods of pastoral, agro-pastoral, and farming communities affected by desert ...read more
Uganda fileadmin/user_upload/emergencies/img/medium_RV New.JPG FAO donates specialized safety gear to protect animal health personnel
 - 20/07/2020 - The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Uganda has shown its support for veterinary health workers involved in the management of deadly livestock diseases by donating ...read more
Fiji fileadmin/user_upload/emergencies/img/medium_Vitawa community distribution 4.jpg Belgium supports vulnerable households and farmers affected by Tropical Cyclone Harold
 - 17/07/2020 - By targeting affected vulnerable communities, the project aims to strengthen farmers’ capacity to become resilient to future shocks. Tropical Cyclone Harold caused widespread destruction in the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji and ...read more