Libyan crisis threatens food security

Libyan crisis threatens food security


The impact of the current crisis in Libya on food security is a cause for serious concern both in Libya and surrounding countries due to the region’s dependency on cereal imports, possible disruptions to the flow of goods and services and population displacements, FAO said today.

“The ongoing crisis will likely have a significant impact on food security in Libya and in nearby crisis-affected areas. In Libya, the situation may lead to a sudden disruption of imports and the collapse of the internal distribution system.

"Depletion of food stocks and loss of rural manpower are all factors that in the longer-term could seriously affect food security,” said Daniele Donati, Chief of FAO's Emergency Operations Service.

Disruption to markets from which farmers secure seeds and fertilizers also threatens agricultural production, food security and income-generation in the short and medium term. In Libya, domestic arable production is concentrated primarily near Benghazi and near Tripoli.