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Empowering South Sudanese refugees and host communities
25/05/2017 - In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, nearly 8 million ...
FAO and WFP heads visit famine-stricken South Sudan
24/05/2017 - All parties to the conflict in South Sudan must cease violence and ...
Small-scale farmers in Peru supported to recover from damages triggered by El Niño
18/05/2017 - FAO is working with the government of Peru to assist some 7,000 ...
As food crises deepen we must step up our efforts to prevent and tackle famine
18/05/2017 - Governments, civic groups and businesses need to rally support for ...
The Garden Toothbrush
08/05/2017 - African eggplant lives up to its name: as it grows ...

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Fighting famine
The world faces the largest food crises in 70 years.
Drought in the Horn of Africa
Food security conditions in drought-hit Horn of Africa are alarming.
Lake Chad Basin crisis
In the Lake Chad Basin ‒ Cameroon, Chad, the Niger and Nigeria ‒...