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Fast tracking fall armyworm management and response

Fast tracking fall armyworm management and response

Full title of the project:

Fast tracking fall armyworm management and response

Target areas:

Ethiopia and Kenya

USD 501 305
Project code:

To protect the food security and livelihoods of smallholder farmers in Eastern Africa.

Key partners:

The Governments of Ethiopia and Kenya through the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources in Ethiopia and the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Irrigation in Kenya.

Beneficiaries reached:

A total of 124 staff and farmer field school (FFS) facilitators were trained, 63 FFS groups were supported and 1 902 event participants were reached.

Activities implemented:
  • Trained FFS facilitators and extension staff on FAW management practices – exceeding the original target of 80 staff.
  • Coordinated season-long FAW learning and the testing and evaluation of FAW control methods in FFS groups across the two countries – 42 groups in Ethiopia and 21 in Kenya.
  • Organized experience-sharing events and developed impact documentation.
  • Contributed to the development and launch of PlantVillage Nuru – an application that uses a digital assistant to help farmers diagnose crop disease in the field, without an Internet connection.
  • Supported the development, roll out and uptake of the improved FAW Monitoring and Early Warning System (FAMEWS) mobile application (FAMEWS V3), which included the integration of PlantVillage Nuru.
  • Conducted training on the FAMEWS V3 application for 45 instructors, with an estimated reach of 5 000 farmers.
  • Strengthened the capacities of local experts and development agents through facilitator courses, enabling them to provide technical support on FAW to farming communities and FFS groups.
  • Provided farmers with a wealth of knowledge on alternative methods for the management and control of FAW through the trialling of a variety of approaches during the season-long learning.
  • Cascaded the lessons learned to a wider audience through more than 50 events, as well as locally produced impact briefs.
  • Operationalized the FAMEWS V3 application, which has been introduced in ten counties by the Government of Kenya.