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Safeguarding Livestock Assets in South Sudan

Safeguarding Livestock Assets in South Sudan

Full title of the project:

Safeguarding Livestock Assets in South Sudan

Target areas:

South Sudan

USD 2 500 000
Project code:

To protect the livelihoods of vulnerable agropastoralist households and enhance their food production.

Key partners:

Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries; Central Veterinary Laboratory (CVL); state ministries of animal resources and fisheries; and national and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Beneficiaries reached:

681 101 households.

Activities implemented:
  • Contributed towards the vaccination of 8 173 221 animals (5 697 804 cattle, 1 216 542 goats, 992 006 sheep, 248 961 chickens, 17 506 dogs and 402 donkeys) against major animal diseases.
  • Contributed towards the treatment and deworming of 1 203 470 animals (632 466 cattle, 272 285 goats, 129 918 sheep, 160 099 chickens, 5 554 dogs and 3 148 donkeys) against priority animal diseases and worms.
  • Trained 35 state government and NGO partners’ technical staff in vaccine cold chain management.
  • Delivered and installed 84 solar vaccine fridges.
  • Trained and equipped 716 (of whom 85 women) community-based animal health workers (CAHWs) with veterinary kits for the delivery of animal health services to vulnerable agropastoralists. Training was also provided in disease surveillance and reporting, private service provision, vaccine and drug management, basic bookkeeping and drug replenishment, among others.
  • Conducted laboratory diagnoses for animal diseases at the CVL in Juba, with confirmed diseases including Rift Valley fever, foot-and-mouth disease, East Coast fever and contagious bovine pleuropneumonia.
  • Trained 22 laboratory technical staff and veterinarians in parasitology diagnostic techniques and livestock showmanship.
  • Trained 19 laboratory technical staff and veterinarians in parasitology diagnostic techniques and necroscopy.
  • Facilitated a refresher training for five livestock show judges in livestock showmanship.
  • Organized three livestock shows in Rumbek (10-11 July 2019), Wau (29-30 October 2019) and Torit (14-15 January 2020).
  • Carried out 31 animal disease outbreak investigation missions in all states.
  • Conducted a training of trainers (ToT) session for 21 participants in participatory disease search, livestock and zoonotic disease investigation, sample collection and laboratory diagnosis.
  • Supported partners in the reporting of disease outbreaks.
  • Received 28 animal disease alerts and suspected disease outbreak reports from implementing partners, CAHWs and state ministries.
  • Enhanced the capacity of technical staff in areas related to laboratory diagnostics and laboratory sample collection, and facilitated livestock epidemio-surveillance across the country.
  • Supported the further strengthening of the solar-powered vaccine cold chain capacity in the country.
  • Strengthened the capacity of CBAHWs to deliver animal health services.
  • Contributed towards reduced livestock mortalities and improved livestock production and animal health.