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Support to the Yemen Food Security and Agriculture Cluster

Support to the Yemen Food Security and Agriculture Cluster

Full title of the project:

Support to the Yemen Food Security and Agriculture Cluster

Target areas:


USD 1 500 000
Project code:

To provide an action-oriented forum for bringing together national and international humanitarian partners to improve the timeliness and impact of humanitarian assistance on the lives of acutely food insecure, conflict-affected and vulnerable populations in Yemen.

Key partners:

109 Food Security and Agriculture Cluster (FSAC) partners (United Nations agencies, national and international non-governmental organizations, International Red Cross/Red Crescent movement, humanitarian resource partner agencies, community-based organizations, relevant government institutions).

Beneficiaries reached:

The FSAC partners who reached 13.4 million vulnerable Yemenis with emergency food and livelihoods assistance.

Activities implemented:
  • Conducted bimonthly national-level cluster meetings and monthly meetings at nine subnational clusters.
  • Developed guidance document outlining distribution arrangements for all cluster activities in the context of coronavirus disease 2019.
  • Developed a Strategic Response Plan, which fed into the 2019 Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) for Yemen and 2020 extended HRP.
  • Produced and circulated briefs, bulletins, snapshots, and response and gap analysis infographics to partners with real-time data to inform strategic decision-making and humanitarian response options.
  • Supported district-level Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) hotspot analysis for 29 districts in 2019 and partial IPC analysis for 133 districts in 2020.
  • Regularly participated in Humanitarian County Team and Inter-Cluster Coordination Mechanism meetings.
  • Trained partners on emergency response, cluster-endorsed food security outcome indicators, data collection and sampling, minimum cluster standards, community engagement approaches, livelihood programming and IPC analysis.
  • Conducted 2019 annual Country Cluster Performance Monitoring.
  • Led project strategic technical reviews, prioritizations and/or vetting processes within various funding mechanisms.
  • Developed cluster-wide contingency plans to bolster emergency preparedness and response capacities.
  • FSAC continued playing vital role in collecting, analysing and sharing information important for cluster partners, stakeholders and the wider humanitarian community to make informed, evidence-based and strategic decisions.
  • Successfully coordinated the delivery of emergency food assistance and/or livelihood support to 13.4 million vulnerable Yemenis, including in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Supported, equipped and strengthened capacity of cluster partners to respond to hazards or new shocks, and improved the quality of the food security response.
  • Enhanced inter-cluster collaboration and strengthening of linkages and convergence of programming with Nutrition, Health and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Clusters.