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Livelihood support to earthquake-affected rural families in Haiti

Livelihood support to earthquake-affected rural families in Haiti

Full title of the project:

Livelihood support to earthquake-affected rural families from Cormier watershed (Leogane) through smallholder reforestation/agroforestry and water resources management activities

Target areas:

Department of Leogane

USD 1 504 965
Project code:

To create employment and foster income-generating activities among 5 000 earthquakeaffected rural households from Cormier watershed (Leogane).

Key partners:

Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) and decentralized structures, community-based organizations (CBOs) and local associations.

Beneficiaries reached:

9 011 households

Activities implemented:
  • Established school and community nurseries with a total production capacity of 520 000 seedlings per cycle; distributed tool kits to partner CBOs and schools, as well as 20 silos, each with a capacity of 500 kg.
  • Distributed 350 water tanks with a capacity of 600 gallons and constructed 29 household and community cisterns (15m3).
  • Distributed seeds, with a focus on female-headed households, enabling 146 gardens to be created.
  • Distributed 15 kg of vegetable seed, 77 210 sweet potato cuttings, 55 920 banana seedlings, 25 520 pineapple roots and 111 650 cassava cuttings and planted 55 000 cashew seedlings.
  • Trained 40 trainers from CBOs on the importance of: forestry training in the fight against erosion; fallow lands in the agrosilvipastoral system; and crop choice.
  • Held environmental education meetings and developed awareness-raising messaging.
  • Trained MoA staff and community leaders on establishing farmer field schools and developing contingency plans.
  • Labour-intensive activities enabled 107.9 hectares to be planted with vegetation strips (elephant grass, pineapple, sugar cane), creating 6 733 hours/day of employment for 955 people, including 392 women, for the equivalent of USD 60 in income each.
  • 180 hectares planted with fruit and forest trees, generating income opportunities for 150 women and 111 men.
  • 180 000 seedlings planted, creating 5 250 hours/day of employment for 200 people, including 74 women, through partnerships with CBOs.
  • 601 976 fruit and forest tree seedlings produced, helping to reforest 600 hectares.
  • Improved food availability by more than 925 tonnes, and improved water availability.
  • Diversified household income sources.