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Early recovery of agriculture-based livelihoods and food security in Pakistan

Early recovery of agriculture-based livelihoods and food security in Pakistan

Full title of the project:

Early recovery of agriculture-based livelihoods and food security of vulnerable households in Sindh

Target areas:

Sindh province

USD 2 917 271
SEK 20 000 000
Project code:

To enhance household-level food security and nutrition of vulnerable farming families in severely flood-affected districts of Sindh through the provision of agriculture inputs and livestock activities.

Key partners:

Ministry of Food Security and Research, the Ministry of Livestock and Dairy Development and the Ministry of Environment.

Beneficiaries reached:

32 928 flood-affected and food-insecure farming households.

Activities implemented:
  • Distributed agriculture packages to 15 000 household beneficiaries, containing 25 kg of rice seed, 100 kg of urea, 45 kg of DAP and eight types of vegetable seed (75 g of okra, 50 g of pumpkin, 50 g of sponge gourd, 50 g of coriander, 10 g of brinjal, 50 g of bitter gourd, 75 g of spinach and 10 g of tomato).
  • Distributed poultry packages to 8 206 female-headed households, containing 12 birds (ten females, two males) and 50 kg of poultry feed.
  • Trained agriculture package recipients on land preparation for rice crops and good practices for improved cultivation and yield.
  • Trained poultry package recipients on ideal poultry feeding and egg collection practices.
  • Restored the agriculture production cycle through the distribution of rice seed and fertilizer in time for the 2011 Kharif season.
  • Rehabilitated women’s livelihoods through re-stocking poultry.
  • Improved knowledge of farmers on agricultural production and improved nutrition practices through training and community-based activities.
  • Rice yields increased by 62 percent – from 2 400 to 3 900 kg per ha.
  • The sale of rice generated an average income of PKR 27 900 per household, providing additional income to beneficiary households.