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Reintegration support to ex-combatants in Sudan

Reintegration support to ex-combatants in Sudan

Full title of the project:

Reintegration support to ex-combatants in Blue Nile and South Kordofan States

Target areas:

Blue Nile and South Kordofan States

USD 6 283 500
Project code:

To achieve a peaceful reintegration of the ex-combatants discharged from armed groups, thereby ensuring community stability, the peaceful co-existence of prior adversaries and the sustainability of peace agreements in effect in Blue Nile and South Kordofan States.

Key partners:

Ministry of Agriculture, State Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Animal Resources, National Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Commission, 22 NGOs and three line ministries.

Beneficiaries reached:

3 868 ex-combatants were assisted under the livestock component (3 867 ex-combatants in restocking and 1 ex-combatant in fisheries) while 321 ex-combatants were assisted under the agriculture component (154 ex-combatants in staple crop production and 167 ex-combatants in vegetable production).

Activities implemented:
  • 321 ex-combatants received seed packages, hand tools, pesticides and pesticide sprayers; 154 ex-combatants were provided with crop seeds and tractor ploughing services covering 30 feddans; while 167 beneficiaries were provided with vegetable seeds. Of those receiving vegetable production support, 135 ex-combatants were also provided with irrigation equipment.
  • 3 867 ex-combatants received livestock restocking support that included the provision of animals along with vaccination and curative services.
  • The project’s provision of 30.8 tonnes of seeds to ex-combatants for staple crop cultivation led to the production of approximately 675 tonnes of grains with an estimated value of USD 223 101. The 56.76 kg of vegetable seeds distributed to beneficiaries produced an estimated harvest of 79.9 tonnes of vegetables with a value estimated at USD 28 346.
  • The project contributed to enhancing food security and improving the nutritional status of target beneficiaries through its livestock restocking component; of those who opted for goats and/or sheep, the initial seed stock of 9-10 heads grew to 25-30 heads.