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Restoring household food security and promoting livelihood diversification in Sudan

Restoring household food security and promoting livelihood diversification in Sudan

Full title of the project:

Restoring and maintaining household food security and promoting livelihood diversification for vulnerable populations in Greater Darfur

Target areas:


USD 2 358 910
Project code:

To support the restoration and maintenance of the food security and livelihoods of the conflict-affected populations of greater Darfur.

Key partners:

State Ministries of Agriculture and of Animal Resources in the three Darfur states, local and international NGOs.

Beneficiaries reached:

43 484 households (crop and vegetable seeds), 60 797 households (livestock support), 154 CAHWs, 545 households (tree locust control).

Activities implemented:
  • 721 tonnes of cereal and legume seeds, 4.17 tonnes of vegetable seeds and 3 700 hand tools provided to 30 999 households for summer 2009 cropping season.
  • 3.3 tonnes of vegetable seeds provided to 12 485 households for winter 2009 season.
  • 1 050 066 animals belonging to 60 797 livestock owners vaccinated against and treated for common livestock diseases.
  • 154 CAHWs trained and equipped (105 received refresher training and 49 initial training).
  • Supported rehabilitation or establishment of 18 veterinary centres at state level.
  • Supported Plant Protection Directorates (PPDs) in West and South Darfur states to combat tree locust infestations.
  • Trained 545 farmers in integrated pest management.
  • 16 trainers and 120 workers trained as community agricultural extension agents in crop husbandry practices, agroforestry and labour-saving technologies.
  • All participating crop and vegetable farmers trained in production techniques.
  • Beneficiary farmers produced 15 971 tonnes of cereals, legumes and vegetables with an estimated market value of USD 8 318 108 in the summer and winter 2009 seasons.
  • Number of cases of contagious animal diseases reduced, along with a drop in the loss of livestock from epidemic diseases.
  • Establishment/rehabilitation of veterinary centres improved the flow and regularity of veterinary services in the IDP camps and rural areas, reducing risk of disease.
  • The PPD of West Darfur overcame the outbreak of tree locusts in an area of 51 000 ha, which contributed to reducing damages to winter crops caused by tree locust infestation to below 15 percent.