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Livelihood recovery for flood-affected communities in Ethiopia

Livelihood recovery for flood-affected communities in Ethiopia

Full title of the project:

Livelihood recovery for flood-affected communities in Amhara National Regional State

Target areas:

Gambella Regional State.

USD 554 673
Project code:

To ensure the quick livelihood recovery of flood affected communities in Wanthwa, Jikawo, Akobo and Lare woredas.

Key partners:

Gambella Regional Bureau of Agriculture Development (RBAD), Gambella Agriculture Research Institute and other local government offices.

Beneficiaries reached:

14 826 households through the seed component.

Activities implemented:
  • Distribution of 2 242 quintals of cereal (maize and sorghum) seeds to 10 851 households, 1 952 kg of vegetable seeds to 6 954 households, 22 292 farm tools (watering cans, hoes, etc.) and 400 treadle pumps.
  • Training in use and maintenance of treadle pumps (151 development agents, experts and farmers), flood mitigation and vulnerability mapping (30 woreda and RBAD experts), small-scale irrigation and water management (22 woreda and RBAD extension staff, conservation agriculture (30 experts), integrated pest management and post-harvest handling (30 trainees), disaster risk reduction and early warning (25 local government staff) and animal health (235 farmers and animal health workers).
  • 167 669 animals belonging to 23 640 households vaccinated against disease.
  • Assessment mission conducted to determine the extent and magnitude of flooding and develop solutions to mitigate risk to lives and livelihoods.
  • 163 360 quintals of cereal and over 43 000 quintals of vegetables harvested.
  • Assessment team identified flood mitigation measures, i.e. to protect villages with soil embankments, etc.
  • Capacity developed in the region for animal health, irrigation, conservation agriculture, disaster risk reduction and flood mitigation.
  • Livestock protected against common diseases.