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Assistance through FAO for the control of rabies in Indonesia

Assistance through FAO for the control of rabies in Indonesia

Full title of the project:

Assistance through FAO for the control of rabies in Bali

Target areas:


USD 451 396
Project code:

To safeguard human health and secure livelihood opportunities for the rural and urban communities dependant on viable industries, by reducing the risk of rabies on the island of Bali.

Key partners:

Government institutions at the district, provincial and central levels, Ministry of Agriculture, World Society for the Protection of Animals, Bali Animal Welfare Association, Bali Livestock Service and Indonesian Veterinary Medical Association.

Beneficiaries reached:

Government agencies, research institutions, human and animal health sectors, vaccinators, vaccine cold chain officers and the international community.

Activities implemented:
  • Conducted a vaccination team refresher training for 558 Government officers (493 male and 65 female).
  • Trained 109 vaccination team members (90 male and 19 female) from 15 A-teams and 12 members from 15 vaccination teams.
  • Vaccinated 234 974 dogs during the second dog mass vaccination campaign in 2011 and 362 344 dogs during the fourth dog mass vaccination campaign in 2013.
  • Procured 300 000 units of universal plastic dog collars and 120 000 doses of rabies vaccine.
  • Established a sustainable model for rabies control focused on mass dog vaccinations in Bali.
  • Familiarized animal health officers with the primary means of controlling rabies and contributing to improved rabies case detection.
  • Enhanced master trainers capacity in rabies control.
  • Equipped professionals with the skills necessary to prevent, diagnose and control rabies.
  • Strengthened communication between the human and animal health sectors.
  • Improved tracking of key vaccination data, quality of post-vaccination surveillance and re-vaccination activities.
  • Revised rabies database and forms to enable the recording of animal and human cases.