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Support for the recovery of coconut-based livelihoods and establishment of pest management systems in the Philippines

Support for the recovery of coconut-based livelihoods and establishment of pest management systems in the Philippines

Full title of the project:

Support for the recovery of coconut-based livelihoods and establishment of integrated pest management systems to protect vulnerable coconut stands in Panay Island

Target areas:

Region VI

USD 927 573
Project code:

To restore local livelihoods and improve food security and nutrition by equipping small-scale coconut farming households (while supporting Government partners at varying levels) with relevant capacity building activities to mitigate threats from pests to recovering coconut stands through the development of early response systems and protocols to address insect infestations.

Key partners:

Department of Agriculture, Local Government Units and the Philippine Coconut Authority.

Beneficiaries reached:

1 500 households (7 500 people) and seven community-based organizations (CBOs).

Activities implemented:
  • Provided 1 500 households with one or more of the following inputs: certified rice seeds; corn seeds; fertilizer; planting materials (calamansi and rambutan seedlings); small farm tools; piglets and feed; poultry; mung bean seeds; and post-harvest food and seed storage containers (200-litre drums).
  • Provided seven CBOs with either nursery materials/supplies or an abaca stripping machine.
  • Conducted trainings on: promotion of agroforestry and non-timber forest products, handicrafts and value-added food products; community nursery establishment and management; improved technologies on intercropping and high-value crop production; early pest detection, control and mitigation; production of biocontrol agents; farmer field schools on integrated pest management (IPM) for coconut and intercrops.
  • Conducted a study on the spatial risk of Coconut Scale Insect in Panay Island and an impact assessment of coconut pest infestations on agriculture.
  • Distributed 3 320 information, education and communication materials on IPM for coconut.
  • Facilitated the establishment of a Regional Mobile Rapid Response IPM Unit.
  • Distributed certified rice seeds and fertilizer to an additional 170 households affected by Typhoon Koppu in 2015 (as a result of cost savings during the project).
  • Contributed to restoring agricultural production by providing alternative coconut-based farming livelihoods.
  • Reduced beneficiaries’ expenses related to production and post-harvest activities through training and the distribution of inputs, increasing their savings and reducing debt.
  • Enabled greater crop diversification through intercropping of several vegetables, root crops and corn.
  • Increased beneficiaries’ capacity to implement an ecologically sound biological control of coconut pests and, as a result, ensured they are better equipped to cut their losses and reduce risks in the face of future outbreaks.