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Emergency drought response

Emergency drought response

Full title of the project:

Emergency drought response

Target areas:

Ceerigaabo, Xudun, Ceelbur, Taleex, Iskushuban, Baki and Jamaame districts

USD 1 871 735
Project code:

Combine lifesaving interventions with emergency livelihood support to address the distinct needs of rural people at risk across Somalia through: 1. Cash (cash-for-work and unconditional cash transfers) to meet immediate food (and water) needs; 2. Livelihood support and cash (“Cash+”) to restore food production, while ensuring families meet their immediate food needs; and 3. Emergency livestock support, to save livestock assets, and related food and income.

Key partners:

Ministry of Agriculture, NGOs.

Beneficiaries reached:

5 428 households.

Activities implemented:
  • Implemented cash-for-work activities in which 4 777 drought-affected households rehabilitated 39 water catchments in six districts.
  • Trained beneficiaries in the management and maintenance of the rehabilitated infrastructure assets to ensure sustainability.
  • Provided unconditional cash transfers for 3.5 months to 543 households unable to engage in work.
  • Provided 108 agropastoral households that depend on rainfed crops with one month’s cash payment.
  • Provided 2.16 tonnes of maize, 1.08 tonnes of cowpea and 25.92 kg of assorted vegetable seeds.
  • Helped to minimize the adoption of negative coping strategies, such as the sale of critical livestock assets.
  • Contributed to preventing households from entering into and accumulating debts and helped break debt cycles.
  • Boosted local economies by enabling affected populations to purchase food and other necessities locally.
  • Enabled affected people to positively cope with the drought and strengthened their adaptive capacity, facilitating a more rapid recovery.
  • Produced 313.2 tonnes of harvested cereals – enough to feed 4 640 people for six months — before the following harvest.
  • Increased water storage capacity by 301 807 m3: enough to supply water to 83 836 animals for three months during the dry season.