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Open Projects

Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
26/08/2014 Improving nutrition and Resilience of Vulnerable Population of Warrap State, South Sudan
South Sudan 132 503 Switzerland OSRO/SSD/410/SWI
25/08/2014 Appui d`urgence a la sécurité alimentaire de 10 000 ménages vulnérables affectés par les conflits armes en République Démocratique du Congo
Democratic Republic of the Congo 1 000 000 UNDP OSRO/DRC/403/UNJ
22/08/2014 Agricultural and Food Security Emergency assistance to flood affected small-scale farmers in Serbia
Serbia 10 695 185 European Union OSRO/SRB/401/EC
19/08/2014 Emergency Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease of Livestock in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka 296 613 CERF OSRO/SRL/401/CHA
15/08/2014 Livelihood and economic recovery: strengthening social cohesion and community resilience in Yemen
Yemen 1 075 659 UN Peacebuilding Fund UNJP/YEM/037/PBF
13/08/2014 Emergency Livelihood Response: Seeds for Peace (South Sudan)
South Sudan 2 717 392 Germany OSRO/SSD/409/GER
01/08/2014 Collaborative International Engagement to Prevent and Mitigate Threats from Especially Dangerous Pathogens in Targeted East African Countries
Regional Africa 558 732 United States of America OSRO/RAF/407/USA
30/07/2014 Consolidating capacities for DRR in Agriculture in South East Asia (Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, DPRK)
Regional Asia and Pacific 2 005 351 European Union OSRO/RAS/401/EC
29/07/2014 Increase food availability among conflict-affected vulnerable rural households and support monitoring of food security situation in Iraq
Iraq 6 962 550 CERF OSRO/IRQ/401/CHA
29/07/2014 Support to Quick Impact Food Production and Income Generation in Iraq
Iraq 4 352 250 CERF OSRO/IRQ/402/CHA
29/07/2014 Support to conflict affected rural household by safeguarding animal survival, health and production in Iraq
Iraq 3 404 100 CERF OSRO/IRQ/403/CHA
22/07/2014 Emergency animal health support for small scale livestock holders affected by the floods in Serbia
Serbia 100 000 Belgium OSRO/SRB/404/BEL
21/07/2014 Emergency support to protect the livestock affected by the North Waziristan crisis in Pakistan
Pakistan 299 996 CERF OSRO/PAK/402/CHA
17/07/2014 Support the recovery of means of livelihood of families affected by floods in Paraguay
Paraguay 202 656 CERF OSRO/PAR/401/CHA
17/07/2014 Emergency support to vulnerable households affected by the 2013 food crop shortage in the Niger
Niger 1 360 000 Sweden OSRO/NER/404/SWE
16/07/2014 Improved food security and resilience for vulnerable communities in Kenya
Kenya 1 360 000 Sweden OSRO/KEN/401/SWE
15/07/2014 Rehabilitation of livelihoods and food security for vulnerable people affected by violence in Córdoba and Putumayo, as a strategy for implementing the right to food, rebuilding the social fabric and promoting peace actions
Colombia 540 000 Sweden OSRO/COL/404/SWE
15/07/2014 Building the resilience of vulnerable populations affected by multifaceted crises in Chad
Chad 1 360 000 Sweden OSRO/CHD/405/SWE
12/07/2014 Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU) - Phase VII SIDA Contribution
Somalia 1 450 326 Sweden OSRO/SOM/409/SWE
12/07/2014 Food Security Cluster support to national programming and operations
Global 250 000 Sweden OSRO/GLO/405/SWE
12/07/2014 Capacity building activities on cash transfer programming and implementation
Global 217 549 Sweden OSRO/GLO/404/SWE
12/07/2014 Managing the rain-improving the management of rainwater resoruces in Ethiopia
Ethiopia 1 305 294 Sweden OSRO/ETH/404/SWE
11/07/2014 Desert Locust control
Ethiopia 297 857 CERF OSRO/ETH/405/CHA
07/07/2014 Building livelihoods resilience for farmers and agropastoralists households affected by the security crisis and climate change in Mali
Mali 1 677 000 Sweden OSRO/MLI/405/SWE
26/06/2014 Initiative pour lutter contre les violences liées au genre en RDC
Democratic Republic of the Congo 6 210 000 UNTV OSRO/DRC/402/CEF