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Proyectos filtrados por país donante: Germany

Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
01/02/2021 Comprehensive assessment and profiling of agricultural practices in Adana and Gaziantep provinces (COVID-19)
Turkey 289 533 Germany OSRO/TUR/003/GER
18/12/2020 FAO Resilience Programme in the Irrigation and Agricultural Sector
Yemen 21 233 306 Germany GCP /YEM/046/GER
11/12/2020 Mitigating the negative effects of desert locust on the food security of the rural population in Ethiopia
Ethiopia 1 150 000 Germany OSRO/ETH/007/GER
18/06/2020 Scaling-up Early Warning Early Action (EWEA) for agriculture and food security
Afghanistan - Chad - Ethiopia - Global - Madagascar - Malawi - Niger - Philippines - South Sudan - Zimbabwe 1 036 717 Germany OSRO/GLO/014/GER
18/06/2020 Scaling-up Early Warning Early Action (EWEA) for agriculture and food security (Year 2021)
Global 1 200 534 Germany OSRO/GLO/030/GER
20/05/2020 Minimizing potential impacts of COVID-19 on agriculture-livelihoods of vulnerable and food insecure households through anticipatory actions in Afghanistan
Afghanistan 617 000 Germany OSRO/AFG/005/GER
07/05/2020 Emergency food security and livelihood assistance to conflict-affected populations in northeastern Nigeria
Nigeria 2 262 444 Germany OSRO/NIR/002/GER
27/04/2020 Emergency livelihoods assistance to vulnerable farmers, agropastoralists and pastoralists affected by desert locust in Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan and Uganda
Global 21 978 022 Germany OSRO/GLO/006/GER
19/12/2019 Strengthening socio-economic resilience of smallholder farmers and vulnerable populations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Democratic Republic of the Congo 17 955 149 Germany GCP /DRC/076/GER
19/09/2019 Foundations for rebuilding seed systems post Cyclone Idai: Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi
Global 385 404 Germany OSRO/GLO/908/GER
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