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Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
06/07/2020 Bangladesh | Emergency Support to strengthen food security and nutrition of Communities in Haor areas through innovative food systems approaches for reducing propagation of COVID-19
Bangladesh 1 120 000 Japan OSRO/BGD/003/JPN
27/03/2020 Creating Livelihoods Opportunities for Host Communities through Environmental Rehabilitation in Bangladesh
Bangladesh 454 545 Japan OSRO/BGD/002/JPN
27/02/2020 Risk Informed Response to Natural Disasters in Conflict-affected Communities in the Near East
Global 454 545 Japan OSRO/RNE/001/JPN
27/02/2020 Restoration of livelihoods and resilience strengthening of small scale vulnerable households affected by the passage Cyclone Kenneth through Agricultural activities
Comoros 276 045 Japan OSRO/COI/001/JPN
27/02/2020 Supporting market-oriented agribusiness in Syria
Syria 867 345 Japan OSRO/SYR/003/JPN
27/02/2020 Revitalizing Marial Lou Livestock Training Institute and support to vulnerable pastoralists in South Sudan
South Sudan 1 000 000 Japan OSRO/SSD/002/JPN
27/02/2020 Promoting self-reliant livelihoods through employment and micro-entrepreneurship in Turkey
Turkey 363 636 Japan OSRO/TUR/002/JPN
27/02/2020 Addressing socio-economic and human security: Streamlining the role of women in peace-building through a water resource management approach at the community level in Yemen
Yemen 909 090 Japan OSRO/YEM/003/JPN
06/03/2019 Rapid Humanitarian assistance to ensure sustainability in food security for the Congolese refugees in Angola
Angola 300 000 Japan OSRO/ANG/901/JPN
06/03/2019 Increasing resilience to food and nutrition insecurity through building back better flood-affected agriculture livelihoods in Lao PDR
Laos 882 500 Japan OSRO/LAO/901/JPN
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