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Proyectos filtrados por país donante: Switzerland

Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
07/10/2020 Chad | Enquête National de Sécurité Alimentaire - COVID 19
Chad 99 397 Switzerland OSRO/CHD/004/SWI
28/08/2020 Strengthening the preparedness of vulnerable communities to climate shocks and natural disasters in South Sudan
South Sudan 1 062 699 Switzerland OSRO/SSD/006/SWI
28/02/2020 Desert locust crisis appeal for rapid response and anticipatory action in the greater Horn of Africa
Global 1 029 736 Switzerland OSRO/GLO/003/SWI
06/12/2018 Somalia Information and Resilience Building Action
Somalia 800 000 Switzerland OSRO/SOM/815/SWI
19/07/2018 Réponse d'urgence et d'appui à l'amélioration de la résilience des populations vulnérables dans les zones à risque du Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso 1 300 000 Switzerland OSRO/BKF/803/SWI
29/01/2017 Improved food security, nutritional status and incomes among vulnerable households in Juba
South Sudan 1 500 000 Switzerland OSRO/SSD/702/SWI
08/11/2016 Enhancement of post-disaster needs assessment methodologies at entity level
Bosnia and Herzegovina 38 470 Switzerland OSRO/BIH/601/SWI
28/04/2015 Towards a Research for Resilience & Innovation Agenda to enhance the livelihood and resilience of communities in the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands of the IGAD Region
Djibouti 1 500 000 Switzerland OSRO/DJI/504/SWI
14/12/2014 Emergency food security and livelihood assistance to rural and peri-urban households in the Syrian Arab Republic
Syria 2 081 165 Switzerland OSRO/SYR/405/SWI
24/11/2014 Building Lesotho resilience through the upscale of Climate Smart Agriculture and functional DRR Land Resources Information (SDC contribution to DIPECHO)
Lesotho 210 500 Switzerland OSRO/LES/402/SWI
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