Proyectos abiertos

Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
14/01/2019 Lesotho Emergency and Early Action Support to Affected Communities caused by Drought conditions
Lesotho 1 462 943 CERF OSRO/LES/901/CHA
09/01/2019 Malawi Partnership for Resilience (MP4R)/BRACC
Malawi 9 098 647 UNDP UNJP/MLW/076/UNJ
08/01/2019 Support to the rehabilitation of solar ground water irrigation pumping systems in the regained areas in Iraq
Iraq 625 000 Japan OSRO/IRQ/901/JPN
07/01/2019 Emergency response to protect the endangered livelihoods and food security of vulnerable Palestinian
West Bank & Gaza Strip 750 852 Italy OSRO/GAZ/803/ITA
04/01/2019 Renforcement des moyens d'existence et la résilience des ménages vulnérables affectés par les crises au Niger
Niger 617 284 Italy OSRO/NER/804/ITA
04/01/2019 Assistance d`urgence à la sécurisation des moyens d`existence des éleveurs vulnérables affectés par les crises pastorales de 2017 et 2018 au Sénégal
Senegal 773 606 Italy OSRO/SEN/802/ITA
04/01/2019 Integrated response to drought affected communities in Red Sea State for improving the nutrition status in Sudan
Sudan 592 774 Italy OSRO/SUD/809/ITA
31/12/2018 Emergency livelihoods support for vulnerable livestock owners in Afghanistan
Afghanistan 3 000 000 Denmark OSRO/AFG/811/DEN
24/12/2018 Building Resilience of Smallholders by Increasing Small Grains Production and Productivity in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe 329 610 Pooled Fund OSRO/ZIM/803/WFP
24/12/2018 Support vulnerable farmers through agricultural inputs & CFW
Iraq 2 000 268 Pooled Fund OSRO/IRQ/803/CHA