Proyectos abiertos

Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
08/07/2020 The Sudan | Emergency response to mitigate the impact of Desert Locust infestation on food security and livelihoods
Sudan 982 533 European Union OSRO/SUD/007/EC
06/07/2020 Bangladesh | Emergency Support to strengthen food security and nutrition of Communities in Haor areas through innovative food systems approaches for reducing propagation of COVID-19
Bangladesh 1 120 000 Japan OSRO/BGD/003/JPN
06/07/2020 Uganda | Desert locust impact assessment
Uganda 245 000 United States of America OSRO/UGA/003/USA
03/07/2020 Lao People's Democratic Republic | Cash assistance and resilience support to flood-affected communities
Laos 183 956 France OSRO/LAO/001/FRA
01/07/2020 Bangladesh | Agricultural livelihoods protection through humanitarian Anticipatory Actions in Jamuna river
Bangladesh 500 000 CERF OSRO/BGD/005/CHA
30/06/2020 Fiji | Emergency assistance to re-establish livelihood households affected by Tropical Cyclone Harold
Fiji 125 000 New Zealand OSRO/FIJ/002/NZE
29/06/2020 Indonesia | Preparation of plan for Reducing the Risk of Emerging Zoonotic Disease spill over events in High-Risk Wildlife Wet Markets and their associated value chains
Indonesia 96 000 Australia OSRO/INS/001/AUL-F
29/06/2020 Proyecto de Gestión de Riesgos y Resiliencia en la Chiquitanía
Bolivia 434 169 Sweden OSRO/BOL/001/SWE
26/06/2020 Haiti | Action précoce pour la préservation des moyens d’existence des ménages vulnérables affectés par la crise de la pandémie COVID-19
Haiti 540 000 Belgium OSRO/HAI/004/BEL
24/06/2020 Pakistan | Critical support for Desert Locust prevention and control operations
Pakistan 123 750 WFP OSRO/PAK/002/WFP