Proyectos abiertos

Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
17/09/2013 Livelihood Support to Pastoral and Agro-pastoral communities in southern Somalia
Somalia 1 580 417 CERF OSRO/SOM/308/CHA
05/09/2013 Integrated Assistance to sustainable reintegration of IDPs at their place of origin in South-Central Somalia
Somalia 650 000 Pooled Fund OSRO/SOM/305/CHS
04/09/2013 Enhancing livelihood resilience of communities through support to crop and livestock production and disaster risk reduction activities in Kenya
Kenya 759 070 Sweden OSRO/KEN/301/SWE
03/09/2013 Building capacity for better food security programming in emergency and rehabilitation contexts
Global 2 058 273 European Union OSRO/GLO/301/EC
01/09/2013 Quick impact emergency interventions to protect the endangered livelihoods of poor and small scale farmers in Gaza Strip
West Bank & Gaza Strip 260 756 Spain OSRO/GAZ/304/SPA
30/08/2013 Appui à la production et transformation des produits agricoles en République Démocratique du Congo
Democratic Republic of the Congo 670 000 Pooled Fund OSRO/DRC/305/UNJ
30/08/2013 Consolidating local resilience to drought in the Bolivian Chaco. Phase II
Bolivia 341 415 European Union OSRO/BOL/302/EC-ACF
29/08/2013 Food security and rapid recovery of livelihoods for vulnerable people in Colombia
Colombia 529 803 European Union OSRO/COL/301/EC
28/08/2013 Emergency food security support to refugee families in Mid Western Uganda
Uganda 250 629 CERF OSRO/UGA/302/CHA
20/08/2013 Emergency support to winter wheat and barley production in Syria
Syria 4 629 865 United Kingdom OSRO/SYR/306/UK