Proyectos abiertos

Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
15/02/2019 Building Tripartite International Guidance Tools for the National Implementation of One Health: Surveillance & Information Sharing Operational Tool
Global 610 256 OIE OSRO/GLO/813/OIE
11/02/2019 Sustainable Operationalization of One Health in the Africa Region
Global 699 970 United States of America OSRO/GLO/902/USA
06/02/2019 Strengthening Capacity to Address Immediate and Post-Agreement HLP Issues in Syria
Syria 568 828 UNHABITAT OSRO/SYR/901/UNH
01/02/2019 Critical support to ensure food security and agriculture-based subsistence livelihoods of drought affected population in Pakistan
Pakistan 2 500 000 Pooled Fund OSRO/PAK/901/CHA
31/01/2019 Agricultural Livelihoods Support for Households with Severe Food Insecurity in Yemen
Yemen 7 999 999 Japan OSRO/YEM/806/JPN
30/01/2019 Amélioration des conditions nutritionnelles des enfants et femmes enceintes et allaitantes par la production alimentaire dans les territoires de Djugu et Mahagi dans la province de l'Ituri
Democratic Republic of the Congo 561 028 Italy OSRO/DRC/901/ITA
23/01/2019 Resilience and Livelihoods Mandate Implementation as whole of system transition Transition lead: Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nation
Sudan 347 500 UNAMID OSRO/SUD/901/UMD
22/01/2019 Increase self-reliance and improve agricultural livelihoods of SuTPs and host communities in Turkey
Turkey 1 200 003 Pooled Fund OSRO/TUR/802/HCR
21/01/2019 Emergency livelihood response to assist drought affected households in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe 395 553 Sweden OSRO/ZIM/903/SWE
21/01/2019 Mitigating the looming impact of the 2018-19 El Nino on vulnerable smallholder farmers in Malawi
Malawi 400 000 Belgium OSRO/MLW/901/BEL