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Proyectos filtrados por país receptor: Djibouti

Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
23/06/2020 Mise en place d’un système de veille en lutte antiacridienne pour la République de Djibouti
Djibouti 250 000 Unilateral Trust Fund - World Bank UTF /DJI/035/DJI
31/12/2019 Critical interventions for drought-affected and food insecure populations in Djibouti
Djibouti 558 035 Italy OSRO/DJI/904/ITA
27/12/2019 Rapid response for food security and livelihood restoration of rural food-insecure communities affected by floods and locust invasion
Djibouti 300 000 Pooled Fund OSRO/DJI/903/CHA
08/05/2019 Mise en place des jardins scolaires et de cultures hydroponiques en appui aux écoles rurales à Djibuti
Djibouti 93 012 France OSRO/DJI/902/FRA
17/04/2019 Critical food security interventions for drought-affected, food insecure population in Djibouti
Djibouti 800 000 Pooled Fund OSRO/DJI/901/CHA
15/04/2016 Emergency assistance to strengthen food security and nutrition in Djibouti
Djibouti 550 000 Pooled Fund OSRO/DJI/601/CHA
22/05/2015 Enhancing the resilience of vulnerable pastoral communities through appropriate early warning systems and community-based disaster risk reduction and management in Djibouti
Djibouti 235 100 Sweden OSRO/DJI/501/SWE
28/04/2015 Towards a Research for Resilience & Innovation Agenda to enhance the livelihood and resilience of communities in the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands of the IGAD Region
Djibouti 1 500 000 Switzerland OSRO/DJI/504/SWI
13/03/2015 Equitable access to water for emergency-affected rural populations, migrants and refugees to improve livelihoods
Djibouti 200 000 Pooled Fund OSRO/DJI/502/CHA
11/03/2015 Restoration and protection of food availability and livelihoods
Djibouti 400 000 Pooled Fund OSRO/DJI/503/CHA
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