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Proyectos Destacados

Integrated food security and livelihoods project in eastern Sudan
28/09/2017 - To ensure food and nutrition security, and reduce the poverty of marginal and small rural households and ex‐combatants through boosting ...leer más
Código del proyecto: OSRO/SUD/506/ITA
País Donante: Italy
País Receptor: Sudan
Contribución: USD 674 916

Últimos proyectos destacados

Assistance d’urgence pour le rétablissement des moyens de subsistance des personnes touchées par les inondations dans l’Etat de Chin
27/09/2017 - Améliorer durablement la sécurité alimentaire, la nutrition et la résilience des ménages vulnérables à travers more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/MYA/504/BEL
País Donante: Belgium
País Receptor: Myanmar
Agricultural and food security emergency assistance to flood-affected small-scale farmers in Serbia
21/09/2017 - To protect the livelihoods of flood-affected households and maintain the health and nutrition of their more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/SRB/501/EC
País Donante: European Union
País Receptor: Serbia
Support for the Food Security and Agriculture Cluster and emergency assistance to farmers directly affected by Cyclone Chapala in Yemen
01/09/2017 - To ensure affected populations receive appropriate and sufficient food security solutions in times of emergency; more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/YEM/602/USA
País Donante: United States of America
País Receptor: Yemen
Restore food security and build the resilience of vulnerable households in the Central African Republic
01/09/2017 - To support early warning mechanisms in the Central African Republic and assist vulnerable households in more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/CAF/601/CAN
País Donante: Canada
País Receptor: Central African Republic
Emergency livelihood support to drought-affected farming communities in Afar and Somali Regions in Ethiopia
30/08/2017 - To protect the livelihoods of pastoralists, agropastoralists and smallholder farmers affected by the El Niño-induced more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/ETH/601/USA
País Donante: United States of America
País Receptor: Ethiopia
Strengthening existing control mechanisms for armyworm and red locust outbreaks in Malawi
14/08/2017 - To enhance the capacity of farmers and the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/MLW/403/USA
País Donante: United States of America
País Receptor: Malawi
Productive safety nets as a tool to reinforce the resilience in the Sahel
14/08/2017 - To increase the resilience to shocks of vulnerable households in food-insecure regions in Mali and more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/RAF/502/FIN
País Donante: Finland
País Receptor: Regional Africa
Achat pour le Progrès (P4P) ‒ Autonomisation de Kabalo en République démocratique du Congo
09/08/2017 - Renforcer et autonomiser les organisations paysannes (OP) agricoles de Kabalo.
Código del proyecto: OSRO/DRC/603/WFP
País Donante: Pooled Fund
País Receptor: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Operationalizing partnerships for resilience building in the Niger
08/08/2017 - To strengthen the resilience and food security and nutrition of vulnerable communities through a set more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/NER/405/USA
País Donante: United States of America
País Receptor: Niger
Improvement of agricultural livelihoods and resilience of conflict-affected communities in Myanmar
02/08/2017 - To improve household food security and increase resilience to floods and cyclones in conflict- and more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/MYA/601/JPN
País Donante: Japan
País Receptor: Myanmar
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