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Proyectos Destacados

Establishing an emergency community–based fall armyworm monitoring, forecasting, early warning and management system in eastern Africa
30/12/2019 - To halt the spread of fall armyworm (FAW) in the eastern African sub-region and prevent production losses in the 2017/18, ...leer más
Código del proyecto: OSRO/SFE/702/USA
País Donante: United States of America
País Receptor: Subregional Office for Eastern Africa
Contribución: USD 919 772

Últimos proyectos destacados

Appui aux ménages vulnérables pour soutenir et protéger leurs moyens de subsistances dans le Sud de Madagascar
18/12/2019 - Renforcer la résilience des ménages menacés par l’insécurité alimentaire, suite au phénomène El Nino et more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/MAG/901/BEL
País Donante: Belgium
País Receptor: Madagascar
Appui en urgence au renforcement de la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle et des moyens de subsistance des ménages vulnérables touchés par la crise en République centrafricaine
06/12/2019 - Renforcer en urgence la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle ainsi que les moyens de subsistance des more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/CAF/802/FRA
País Donante: France
País Receptor: Central African Republic
Soutien à la sécurité alimentaire par le renforcement de l
05/12/2019 - Améliorer la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle des ménages ruraux touchés par les catastrophes naturelles et more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/BDI/802/FRA
País Donante: France
País Receptor: Burundi
Strengthening coordination and information systems in response to drought conditions and other hazards in Southern Africa
03/12/2019 - To safeguard livelihoods, food security and nutrition of vulnerable communities and households affected by the more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/SFS/801/USA
País Donante: United States of America
País Receptor: SR3
South Sudan Emergency Food and Nutrition Security Project
19/11/2019 - To support the resumption of crop and livestock production and enhance the recovery of livelihoods more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/SSD/710/SSD
País Donante: World Bank
País Receptor: South Sudan
Emergency agriculture assistance to drought-affected vulnerable farmers in Afghanistan
13/11/2019 - To protect and restore the agriculture-based livelihood of vulnerable farming households affected by drought.
Código del proyecto: OSRO/AFG/810/ROK
País Donante: South Korea
País Receptor: Afghanistan
Emergency Livelihood Response Programme 2015 - 2016 in South Sudan
13/11/2019 - To protect and rehabilitate the livelihoods of the most vulnerable by sustainably restoring and maintaining more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/SSD/508/NOR
País Donante: Norway
País Receptor: South Sudan
Building Resilience of Smallholders by Increasing Small Grains Production and Productivity in Zimbabwe
07/11/2019 - To improve the food security and nutrition of smallholder farmers through small grain production.
Código del proyecto: OSRO/ZIM/803/WFP
País Donante: Pooled Fund
País Receptor: Zimbabwe
Technical Assistance to Support Food Security and Agriculture Sector/Cluster – Whole of Syria - Coordination
06/11/2019 - To strengthen the effectiveness and quality of the Whole of Syria (WoS) response, including all more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/SYR/809/USA
País Donante: United States of America
País Receptor: Syria
Aide alimentaire d`urgence aux populations vulnérables de Ségou et Mopti
06/11/2019 - Appuyer les populations touchées par les crises afin de leur permettre de satisfaire leurs besoins more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/MLI/806/FRA
País Donante: France
País Receptor: Mali
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