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Proyectos Destacados

West Africa regional programme to strengthen livelihoods resilience and support food security and nutrition coordination
31/10/2017 - To enhance the resilience of populations affected by food insecurity and malnutrition and minimize the impact of food and nutrition ...leer más
Código del proyecto: OSRO/RAF/601/USA
País Donante: United States of America
País Receptor: Regional Africa
Contribución: USD 500 000

Últimos proyectos destacados

Operationalizing partnerships for resilience building in the Niger
08/08/2017 - To strengthen the resilience and food security and nutrition of vulnerable communities through a set more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/NER/405/USA
País Donante: United States of America
País Receptor: Niger
Improvement of agricultural livelihoods and resilience of conflict-affected communities in Myanmar
02/08/2017 - To improve household food security and increase resilience to floods and cyclones in conflict- and more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/MYA/601/JPN
País Donante: Japan
País Receptor: Myanmar
Enhancing the role of conservation agriculture in disaster risk reduction in Southern Africa
02/08/2017 - To increase the awareness and application of conservation agriculture (CA) by disaster risk reduction (DRR) more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/RAF/602/USA
País Donante: United States of America
País Receptor: Regional Africa
Fourniture d’urgence d’un soutien agricole et nutritionnel aux ménages jordaniens vulnérables et aux réfugiés syriens dans le gouvernorat d’Al Mafraq
28/07/2017 - Améliorer et diversifier la consommation alimentaire des réfugiés syriens et des ménages jordaniens vulnérables vivant more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/JOR/502/BEL
País Donante: Belgium
País Receptor: Jordan
FAO coordination of food and agriculture disaster risk reduction and management in Southern Africa
28/07/2017 - To contribute to reducing the risk of food and nutrition insecurity by building strong and more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/RAF/604/USA
País Donante: United States of America
País Receptor: Regional Africa
Fisheries sector support programme in Somalia
20/07/2017 - To improve food security and resilience to shocks through strengthened and sustainable livelihoods within the more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/SOM/310/NOR
País Donante: Norway
País Receptor: Somalia
Renforcement de la résilience des communautés rurales affectées par la sécheresse en Haiti à travers la relance de leurs activités agricoles
20/07/2017 - Apporter une assistance agricole d’urgence aux ménages vulnérables affectés par la sécheresse dans les trois more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/HAI/603/BEL
País Donante: Belgium
País Receptor: Haiti
Strengthen Food Security and Agriculture Cluster coordination for effective humanitarian response in Afghanistan
19/07/2017 - To increase the relevancy and efficiency of food security and agriculture support through more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/AFG/602/USA
País Donante: United States of America
País Receptor: Afghanistan
Enhanced coordination and improved food security for food insecure and vulnerable populations in South Sudan
14/07/2017 - To contribute to protecting vulnerable populations affected by the ongoing crisis in South Sudan against more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/SSD/601/USA
País Donante: United States of America
País Receptor: South Sudan
Support for effective Food Security Cluster coordination and restore livelihoods of internally displaced persons and vulnerable hosting communities in Darfur
14/07/2017 - To ensure inclusive coordination of humanitarian food security and agriculture interventions and build national capacities more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/SUD/601/USA
País Donante: United States of America
País Receptor: Sudan