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Proyectos Destacados

Market-oriented and sustainable high value crops development in the West Bank and Gaza Strip
23/05/2017 - To sustainably improve the capacities and self-reliance of small- and medium-scale farmers to cultivate, market and export high value crops (HVCs) ...leer más
Código del proyecto: OSRO/GAZ/207/NET
País Donante: The Netherlands
País Receptor: West Bank & Gaza Strip
Contribución: USD 9 368 974

Últimos proyectos destacados

Appui d’urgence au Programme triennal de réponse à l’invasion acridienne à Madagascar
02/02/2017 - Renforcer la coordination de la lutte antiacridienne d'urgence à Madagascar et y développer la lutte more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/MAG/311/FRA
País Donante: France
País Receptor: Madagascar
Strengthening national capacity to prevent and control to emerging and re-emerging pandemic threats including influenza A in Bangladesh
12/01/2017 - To contribute to the improvement of livelihoods of vulnerable population in Bangladesh by safeguarding human more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/BGD/403/USA
País Donante: United States of America
País Receptor: Bangladesh
Appui à la réinsertion des retournés de République Centrafricaine (RCA) et soutien aux communautés hôtes au Tchad-VOLET FAO
23/12/2016 - Identifier les moyens nécessaires pour améliorer la sécurité alimentaire et les moyens d’existence des ménages more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/CHD/501/EC
País Donante: European Union
País Receptor: Chad
Protection d’urgence des ressources d’élevage des éleveurs et des agropasteurs affectés par les impacts du phénomène El Niño en Éthiopie
22/12/2016 - Sauvegarder les moyens de subsistance et améliorer la sécurité alimentaire et la nutrition des pasteurs more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/ETH/503/BEL
País Donante: Belgium
País Receptor: Ethiopia
Resuming agriculture and income opportunities for communities affected by the CAR crisis
22/11/2016 - To restore the livelihoods of identified small-scale rural farming communities, as well as groups severely more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/CAF/504/UK
País Donante: United Kingdom
País Receptor: Central African Republic
Emergency agricultural input support to vulnerable farmers affected by the crisis in Syria
22/11/2016 - To increase availability of and access to food for vulnerable households living in crisis-affected areas, more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/SYR/504/ITA
País Donante: Italy
País Receptor: Syria
Renforcement de la résilience
21/11/2016 - Contribuer à l’amélioration de la résilience des bénéficiaires et à la sauvegarde des moyens d’existence more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/NER/501/FRA
País Donante: France
País Receptor: Niger
Assistance d
11/11/2016 - Fournir une assistance essentielle rapide aux ménages vulnérables de la bande de Gaza afin de more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/GAZ/501/BEL
País Donante: Belgium
País Receptor: West Bank & Gaza Strip
EPT+ characterizing influenza viruses posing risks as the next global pandemic
10/11/2016 - To improve the characterization and surveillance of influenza-related pandemic threats at national and regional levels more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/INT/001/USA
País Donante: United States of America
País Receptor: Inter regional
Decrease community tensions along the Mambasa‒Epulu‒Nia Nia axis by strengthening resilience
04/11/2016 - To support the strategic objective 3 of the joint programme and more specifically the pillar more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/DRC/405/NOR
País Donante: Norway
País Receptor: Democratic Republic of the Congo