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Proyectos Destacados

Enhancing the resilience of farmers' livelihoods in the West Bank through improved water availability and management
21/04/2017 - To improve the food security and livelihoods of vulnerable female and male farmers in Area C of the West Bank ...leer más
Código del proyecto: OSRO/GAZ/403/NET
País Donante: The Netherlands
País Receptor: Palestine
Contribución: USD 2 463 957

Últimos proyectos destacados

Appui à la filière semences locale au Tchad
27/12/2012 - To improve the food security of vulnerable households that have been affected by conflict and more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/CHD/002/SWE
País Donante: Sweden
País Receptor: Chad
Emergency supply of maize seeds to drought-affected farmers in Tanzania (Phase III)
20/12/2012 - To improve the food security of drought-affected farming households in 34 districts in Tanzania.
Código del proyecto: OSRO/URT/001/UK
País Donante: United Kingdom
País Receptor: Tanzania
Emergency support to the reintegration of vulnerable returnee households in Burundi
18/12/2012 - To contribute to restoring the livelihoods of returnees by helping them resume farming activities, enabling more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/BDI/104/AUS
País Donante: Austria
País Receptor: Burundi
Restoration and improvement of agriculture-based livelihoods and food security for new internally displaced persons (IDP) settlements and returnees in Georgia
17/12/2012 - To assure the food security and improve the livelihoods of vulnerable conflict-affected people in Georgia more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/GEO/902/EC
País Donante: European Union
País Receptor: Georgia
Emergency support to vegetable production in coastal and urban/peri-urban areas
10/12/2012 - Soutenir dans l’immédiat les familles pauvres et vulnérables dans les zones urbaines et périurbaines par more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/RAB/101/BEL
País Donante: Belgium
País Receptor: Egypt - Libya
Emergency assistance to control the outbreak of locusts in the affected communities in Timor-Leste
04/12/2012 - To control the locust outbreak, limit crop losses and reduce the potential damage for the more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/TIM/706/AUL
País Donante: Australia
País Receptor: Timor-Leste
Apoyo a la rehabilitación del sector productivo pecuario y de pesca de Cuba
03/12/2012 - Recuperar y fortalecer la capacidad de producción de alimentos y las cadenas productivas en los more
Código del proyecto: GCP/CUB/016/SPA
País Donante: Spain
País Receptor: Cuba
Emergency seed and planting material support for drought-affected people in Ethiopia
03/12/2012 - To increase the food security of 23 573 households (117 865 people) in East and more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/ETH/106/CHA
País Donante: CERF
País Receptor: Ethiopia
Biosecurity strengthening project for Timor-Leste
29/11/2012 - To improve Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) education, communication and disease surveillance; establish a laboratory; more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/TIM/701/AUL
País Donante: Australia
País Receptor: Timor-Leste
Improve livelihoods in targeted drought-affected communities in Kenya
27/11/2012 - The project objective was to improve livelihoods in the targeted drought-affected communities in the Mwingi more
Código del proyecto: OSRO/KEN/002/SWE
País Donante: Sweden
País Receptor: Kenya