Proyectos Destacados

Proyectos filtrados por país donante: Italy

Dispatch Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
15/03/2021 Livelihood support to smallholder farmers in Northern Red Sea Region to boost their productivity
Eritrea 575 641 Italy OSRO/ERI/802/ITA
01/05/2020 Strengthening the livelihoods and the resilience of vulnerable crisis-affected households in the Diffa region
Niger 617 284 Italy OSRO/NER/804/ITA
23/05/2019 Creation of a sustainably-funded Fisheries Authority by the Federal Government of Somalia
Somalia 1 298 344 Italy OSRO/SOM/302/ITA
30/01/2019 Supporting the livelihoods of farmers and women groups in northern Syrian Arab Republic
Syria 542 888 Italy OSRO/SYR/702/ITA
09/08/2018 Enhanced agriculture emergency response to tackle the negative effects of El Niño in Malawi
Malawi 1 111 111 Italy OSRO/MLW/601/ITA
30/01/2018 Enhanced food security and nutrition for smallholder women and men farmers affected by drought in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe 1 106 196 Italy OSRO/ZIM/602/ITA
28/09/2017 Integrated food security and livelihoods project in eastern Sudan
Sudan 674 916 Italy OSRO/SUD/506/ITA
08/06/2017 Emergency livelihood support to El Niño-affected agropastoral communities in Ethiopia
Ethiopia 555 905 Italy OSRO/ETH/602/ITA
08/02/2017 Strengthening local resilience to food insecurity to develop a national early warning system for vulnerable rural families in Bolivia
Bolivia 1 219 512 Italy OSRO/BOL/501/ITA
22/11/2016 Emergency agricultural input support to vulnerable farmers affected by the crisis in Syria
Syria 635 324 Italy OSRO/SYR/504/ITA
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