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Addressing HIV and gender inequities through food security and nutrition response in Eastern and Central Africa
17/12/2013 - To mitigate the impact of HIV, conflict and gender inequities on the population of humanitarian concern in Eastern and Central ...read more
País Donante: Sweden
País Receptor: Regional Africa
Emergency assistance to support agriculture-based livelihoods of vulnerable flood-affected households in Pakistan
06/08/2013 - To enable vulnerable, severely food-insecure flood-affected farming families to resume the critical agricultural production cycle through provision of inputs for ...read more
País Donante: Sweden
País Receptor: Pakistan
Early recovery of agriculture-based livelihoods and food security in Pakistan
20/06/2013 - To enhance household-level food security and nutrition of vulnerable farming families in severely flood-affected districts of Sindh through the provision ...read more
País Donante: Sweden
País Receptor: Pakistan
Cluster-based coordination of immediate and early recovery assistance in Pakistan
25/03/2013 - To strengthen programme coordination and enhance coordination support to actors engaged in immediate and early recovery of agriculture interventions in ...read more
País Donante: Sweden
País Receptor: Pakistan
Appui à la filière semences locale au Tchad
27/12/2012 - To improve the food security of vulnerable households that have been affected by conflict and climatic hazards in several regions ...read more
País Donante: Sweden
País Receptor: Chad
Improve livelihoods in targeted drought-affected communities in Kenya
27/11/2012 - The project objective was to improve livelihoods in the targeted drought-affected communities in the Mwingi District of Kenya.
País Donante: Sweden
País Receptor: Kenya
Support to agriculture and food security in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
27/06/2012 - To provide and maintain linkages between Government ministries, donors and partners, and to provide a focal point for coordination with ...read more
País Donante: Sweden
País Receptor: Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Restoring Livelihoods in the Earthquake Affected Areas of Pakistan
27/06/2012 - To make a significant contribution to the livelihoods rehabilitation programme of the Government of Pakistan in the earthquake-affected areas of ...read more
País Donante: Sweden
País Receptor: Pakistan
Improved livelihoods through sustainable agricultural development in Zimbabwe
25/06/2012 - To contribute to the improvement of livelihood security of small-scale communal households in three selected districts of Zimbabwe.
País Donante: Sweden
País Receptor: Zimbabwe
Support to aquaculture rehabilitation in districts highly affected by Floods in Lao People
11/11/2011 - To revive and improve the livelihoods of the most vulnerable and foodinsecure households in the flood-affected areas by rehabilitating fish ...read more
País Donante: Sweden
País Receptor: Laos
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