Proyectos Destacados

Proyectos filtrados por país donante: United States of America

Dispatch Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
20/05/2019 Implementing cash-for-work activities in Somaliland, Puntland and South Central regions of Somalia
Somalia 54 004 737 United States of America OSRO/SOM/611/USA
15/04/2019 Improved resilience, food and nutrition security of smallholder women and men farmers in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe 2 191 288 United States of America OSRO/ZIM/701/USA
20/12/2018 Emergency assistance to strengthen food security of households affected by displacement due to conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Democratic Republic of the Congo 487 300 United States of America OSRO/DRC/705/USA
20/12/2018 Effective emergency desert locust control in locust-prone countries in the Horn of Africa
Regional Africa 1 050 000 United States of America OSRO/SFE/601/USA
28/11/2018 Building resilience to landslides and the establishment of early warning systems in Nepal
Nepal 482 800 United States of America OSRO/NEP/602/USA
31/10/2018 Emergency assistance for the mitigation of the impact of drought on the livelihoods of herders in Cabo Verde
Cape Verde 50 000 United States of America OSRO/CVI/804/USA
06/08/2018 Regional livelihoods and resilience coordination programme
Regional Africa 500 000 United States of America OSRO/RAF/702/USA
30/07/2018 Emergency support to save lives, protect livelihoods and build resilience in drought-affected rural areas of Somalia
Somalia 13 896 318 United States of America OSRO/SOM/706/USA
25/07/2018 Emergency livelihoods assistance to returnees, IDPs and host communities affected by the insurgency in northeastern Nigeria (Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states)
Nigeria 2 400 000 United States of America OSRO/NIR/707/USA
25/07/2018 Coordinate the planning, implementation and monitoring of an appropriate and timely food security response in Afghanistan
Afghanistan 797 677 United States of America OSRO/AFG/701/USA
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