Proyectos Destacados

Dispatch Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
07/08/2019 Emergency food security and nutrition intervention for people affected by the refugee crisis in Cox’s Bazar
Bangladesh 4 020 600 IOM OSRO/BGD/704/IOM
06/08/2019 Réduire la vulnérabilité des moyens d'existence agricoles à travers l'approche « Caisses de Résilience » au Sahel
Regional Africa 4 495 437 Belgium OSRO/RAF/605/BEL
31/07/2019 Reducing Disaster Risks caused by changing climate in Indonesia
Indonesia 5 224 784 United States of America OSRO/INS/301/USA
30/07/2019 Support to agricultural recovery of the most vulnerable households and revival of the local economy in the Central African Republic
Central African Republic 7 821 961 United Kingdom OSRO/CAF/605/UK
22/07/2019 Social stability and resilient livelihoods for Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanian host community farming families in Jordan
Jordan 1 000 000 Japan OSRO/JOR/801/JPN
19/07/2019 Emergency assistance in restoring food security and agricultural livelihoods in Typhoon Mangkhut affected areas through combined in-kind and cash-based intervention
Philippines 252 263 Pooled Fund OSRO/PHI/805/WFP
19/07/2019 Strengthening food security, nutrition and livelihoods of vulnerable populations affected by the crisis in the Central African Republic
Central African Republic 500 000 Ireland OSRO/CAF/707/IRE
17/07/2019 West Africa regional programme to support humanitarian response including resilient livelihoods and food security monitoring
Regional Africa 500 000 United States of America OSRO/RAF/801/USA
17/07/2019 Strengthening the resilience to food insecurity of crisis-affected households and communities in Syria
Syria 6 558 001 European Union OSRO/SYR/601/EC
15/07/2019 Support food security and nutrition of the agro-pastoral populations affected by the pastoral crisis in the Sahel (Mauritania, Senegal and Regional)
Mauritania - Regional Africa - Senegal 1 112 525 Canada OSRO/RAF/802/CAN