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Support for national contingency planning for countries at risk of wheat rust
17/01/2014 - The objective of the project was to contribute to global food security by reducing the impact of the world’s vulnerability ...read more
País Donante: Italy
País Receptor: Bangladesh - Bhutan - Egypt - India - Morocco - Nepal - Pakistan - Syria - Turkey
Emergency support for immediate rehabilitation for the most vulnerable households in Bangladesh
15/05/2013 - Assurer la restauration/amélioration des moyens de subsistance agricoles et garantir la sécurité alimentaire d’environ 5 475 ménages ruraux victimes des ...read more
País Donante: Belgium
País Receptor: Bangladesh
Emergency response to Cyclone and flood-affected farmers in Bangladesh
31/05/2012 - To rapidly assist farming households most affected by Cyclone Sidr and the 2007 floods in regaining their livelihoods and household ...read more
País Donante: UNDP
País Receptor: Bangladesh
Immediate Assistance to Women and Fish Farmers Severely Affected by Cyclones in Bangladesh
20/03/2012 - To restore the livelihoods and improve the food security and nutrition of women and fish farmers who were severely affected ...read more
País Donante: Spain
País Receptor: Bangladesh
Restoration of the Livelihood of 1 000 Women Severely Affected by Cyclone Aila in Bangladesh
19/01/2012 - Aider dans l’urgence 1 000 ménages soutenus par des femmes affectés par le cyclone Aila à retrouver leurs moyens d’existence ...read more
País Donante: Switzerland
País Receptor: Bangladesh
Emergency response to Cyclone Sidr affected farmers and fishers in Bangladesh
12/01/2012 - Aider dans l’urgence les populations touchées par le cyclone au Bangladesh à retrouver leurs moyens d’existence, leur sécurité alimentaire et ...read more
País Donante: Belgium
País Receptor: Bangladesh