Proyectos Destacados

Proyectos filtrados por país receptor: Mali

Dispatch Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
06/11/2019 Aide alimentaire d`urgence aux populations vulnérables de Ségou et Mopti
Mali 56 818 France OSRO/MLI/806/FRA
21/02/2017 Jeunesse au travail: réduction de la pauvreté rurale
Mali 2 000 000 Pooled Fund GCP/MLI/040/MUL
25/03/2016 Rétablissement d'urgence de la capacité d'auto-prise en charge des populations déplacées du Mali
Mali 1 375 516 Belgium OSRO/MLI/401/BEL
16/11/2015 Support for rural women's economic empowerment in Mali
Mali 2 914 662 Sweden OSRO/MLI/206/SWE
13/10/2015 Apoyo a la protección de los medios de vida de ganaderos y agro-ganaderos vulnerables en Malí
Mali 267 380 Spain OSRO/MLI/406/SPA
08/09/2015 Assistance immédiate aux populations vulnérables au Nord du Mali
Mali 2 000 000 Japan OSRO/MLI/402/JPN
14/07/2015 Support to coordination for the implementation of resilience activities in response to climate-related and sociopolitical shocks in the region of Timbuktu
Mali 680 100 United States of America OSRO/MLI/404/USA
25/06/2015 Rétablissement d'urgence de la capacité d'auto prise en charge des populations d'éleveurs déplacées du Mali
Mali 500 000 Belgium OSRO/MLI/304/BEL
15/04/2015 Strengthening the resilience and improving the food and nutrition security of displaced populations and host communities by restoring their agricultural production in Mali
Mali 267 617 South Africa OSRO/MLI/306/SAF
13/04/2015 Emergency provision of agriculture inputs for vulnerable households to drought affected communities in the Ségou region, Mali
Mali 335 121 Austria OSRO/MLI/201/AUS
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