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Projets Saillants

Emergency support proposal for the immediate restoration of food production in Dominica after Hurricane Maria
03/04/2018 - To rehabilitate crop production by ensuring the food security and nutrition of vulnerable populations most affected by Hurricane Maria.
Code du projet: OSRO/DMI/702/UK
Pays Donateur: United Kingdom
Pays Bénéficiaire: Dominica
Contribution: USD 100 000

Derniers projets saillants

Emergency livelihood support to drought-affected farming communities in Afar and Somali Regions in Ethiopia
30/08/2017 - To protect the livelihoods of pastoralists, agropastoralists and smallholder farmers affected by the El Niño-induced more
Code du projet: OSRO/ETH/601/USA
Pays Donateur: United States of America
País Donante: Ethiopia
Strengthening existing control mechanisms for armyworm and red locust outbreaks in Malawi
14/08/2017 - To enhance the capacity of farmers and the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development more
Code du projet: OSRO/MLW/403/USA
Pays Donateur: United States of America
País Donante: Malawi
Productive safety nets as a tool to reinforce the resilience in the Sahel
14/08/2017 - To increase the resilience to shocks of vulnerable households in food-insecure regions in Mali and more
Code du projet: OSRO/RAF/502/FIN
Pays Donateur: Finland
País Donante: Regional Africa
Achat pour le Progrès (P4P) ‒ Autonomisation de Kabalo en République démocratique du Congo
09/08/2017 - Renforcer et autonomiser les organisations paysannes (OP) agricoles de Kabalo.
Code du projet: OSRO/DRC/603/WFP
Pays Donateur: Pooled Fund
País Donante: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Operationalizing partnerships for resilience building in the Niger
08/08/2017 - To strengthen the resilience and food security and nutrition of vulnerable communities through a set more
Code du projet: OSRO/NER/405/USA
Pays Donateur: United States of America
País Donante: Niger
Improvement of agricultural livelihoods and resilience of conflict-affected communities in Myanmar
02/08/2017 - To improve household food security and increase resilience to floods and cyclones in conflict- and more
Code du projet: OSRO/MYA/601/JPN
Pays Donateur: Japan
País Donante: Myanmar
Enhancing the role of conservation agriculture in disaster risk reduction in Southern Africa
02/08/2017 - To increase the awareness and application of conservation agriculture (CA) by disaster risk reduction (DRR) more
Code du projet: OSRO/RAF/602/USA
Pays Donateur: United States of America
País Donante: Regional Africa
Fourniture d’urgence d’un soutien agricole et nutritionnel aux ménages jordaniens vulnérables et aux réfugiés syriens dans le gouvernorat d’Al Mafraq
28/07/2017 - Améliorer et diversifier la consommation alimentaire des réfugiés syriens et des ménages jordaniens vulnérables vivant more
Code du projet: OSRO/JOR/502/BEL
Pays Donateur: Belgium
País Donante: Jordan
FAO coordination of food and agriculture disaster risk reduction and management in Southern Africa
28/07/2017 - To contribute to reducing the risk of food and nutrition insecurity by building strong and more
Code du projet: OSRO/RAF/604/USA
Pays Donateur: United States of America
País Donante: Regional Africa
Fisheries sector support programme in Somalia
20/07/2017 - To improve food security and resilience to shocks through strengthened and sustainable livelihoods within the more
Code du projet: OSRO/SOM/310/NOR
Pays Donateur: Norway
País Donante: Somalia