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Projets Saillants

Improve food insecure households' resilience in the eastern region of Burkina Faso
27/04/2016 - To improve the food security and nutrition of vulnerable households in the provinces and municipalities affected by crop deficits in ...en lire plus
Code du projet: OSRO/BKF/401/AUS
Pays Donateur: Austria
Pays Bénéficiaire: Burkina Faso
Contribution: USD 275 103

Derniers projets saillants

Regional Emergency Office for Africa’s coordination activities
02/07/2012 - To improve crisis and emergency response preparedness in central and eastern Africa.
Code du projet: OSRO/RAF/004/USA
Pays Donateur: United States of America
País Donante: Regional Africa
Strengthening production capacity of farmers affected by the earthquake through seed multiplication
28/06/2012 - To improve access to agricultural inputs by supporting the local production and marketing of quality more
Code du projet: OSRO/HAI/022/IRE
Pays Donateur: Ireland
País Donante: Haiti
Support to agriculture and food security in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
27/06/2012 - To provide and maintain linkages between Government ministries, donors and partners, and to provide a more
Code du projet: OSRO/DRK/901/SWE
Pays Donateur: Sweden
País Donante: Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Restoring Livelihoods in the Earthquake Affected Areas of Pakistan
27/06/2012 - To make a significant contribution to the livelihoods rehabilitation programme of the Government of Pakistan more
Code du projet: OSRO/PAK/701/SWE
Pays Donateur: Sweden
País Donante: Pakistan
Apoyo al bienestar familiar de pastores agrícolas en Uganda
27/06/2012 - Mejorar la seguridad alimentaria, los ingresos y la capacidad de recuperación de las comunidades agropastoriles more
Code du projet: OSRO/UGA/906/SPA
Pays Donateur: Spain
País Donante: Uganda
Réhabilitation des points chauds de desserte agricole en République Démocratique du Congo
26/06/2012 - Contribuer au renforcement des moyens d’existence des populations vulnérables grâce à la réhabilitation d’infrastructures routières more
Code du projet: OSRO/DRC/915/UNJ
Pays Donateur: Pooled Fund
País Donante: Congo
Restoring and maintaining household food security in Sudan
26/06/2012 - To restore the capacities of IDPs, refugees and vulnerable host communities for agricultural and horticultural more
Code du projet: OSRO/SUD/807/CHF
Pays Donateur: Pooled Fund
País Donante: Sudan
Support to prevent spread and persistence of HPAI virus in Sudan
26/06/2012 - To assist the Government of Sudan to detect, prepare for and respond to AI outbreaks more
Code du projet: OSRO/SUD/810/CHF
Pays Donateur: Pooled Fund
País Donante: Sudan
Restoring household food security and promoting livelihood diversification in Sudan
26/06/2012 - To support the restoration and maintenance of the food security and livelihoods of the conflict-affected more
Code du projet: OSRO/SUD/905/CHF
Pays Donateur: Pooled Fund
País Donante: Sudan
Agricultural and livestock support for returnees, IDPs and resident communities in Sudan
26/06/2012 - To improve staple crop production (cereals and pulses), protect livestock assets, and increase vegetable production more
Code du projet: OSRO/SUD/908/CHF
Pays Donateur: Pooled Fund
País Donante: Sudan