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Projets Saillants

Emergency vaccination and targeted feeding of livestock grazing in areas along the Syria–Lebanon border
06/07/2016 - To enhance food security conditions of the population affected by the ongoing crisis by protecting livestock assets and improving nutritional ...en lire plus
Code du projet: OSRO/LEB/304/UK
Pays Donateur: United Kingdom
Pays Bénéficiaire: West Bank & Gaza Strip
Contribution: USD 5 603 469

Derniers projets saillants

Restauration des moyens de production alimentaires des communautés déplacées internes en République démocratique du Congo
10/03/2016 - Restaurer les moyens de subsistance des communautés affectées, sur la base de critères de vulnérabilité. more
Code du projet: OSRO/DRC/209/UNJ
Pays Donateur: Pooled Fund
País Donante: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Emergency livelihood support to crisis-affected populations in South Sudan
09/03/2016 - To provide time-critical livelihood support to conflict-affected, displaced and food-insecure populations.
Code du projet: OSRO/SSD/404/UK
Pays Donateur: United Kingdom
País Donante: South Sudan
Emergency assistance to strengthen veterinary services and animal health in Syria
09/03/2016 - To assist local communities in targeted project areas to protect their livestock assets by limiting more
Code du projet: OSRO/SYR/309/USA
Pays Donateur: United States of America
País Donante: Syria
2014 Armyworm Outbreak Response in Malawi
08/03/2016 - To restore the food production capacity of farming households affected by the armyworm outbreak in more
Code du projet: OSRO/MLW/401/UNJ
Pays Donateur: Pooled Fund
País Donante: Malawi
Support for the recovery of coconut-based livelihoods and establishment of pest management systems in the Philippines
04/03/2016 - To restore local livelihoods and improve food security and nutrition by equipping small-scale coconut farming more
Code du projet: OSRO/PHI/411/IRE
Pays Donateur: Ireland
País Donante: Philippines
Support for achieving sustainable livelihoods through agricultural cost-shared investments in Georgia
01/03/2016 - To increase the food production, overall food security and income generation of internally displaced persons more
Code du projet: OSRO/GEO/101/EC
Pays Donateur: European Union
País Donante: Georgia
Appui d
24/02/2016 - Restaurer les moyens de subsistance et renforcer la résilience des communautés affectées par les crises more
Code du projet: OSRO/DRC/306/UNJ
Pays Donateur: Pooled Fund
País Donante: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Renforcement de la résilience des petites exploitations agricoles face aux chocs climatiques au Niger
23/02/2016 - Contribuer à l’accélération de l’atteinte de l’OMD 1 à travers le renforcement de la résilience more
Code du projet: OSRO/NER/308/UNJ
Pays Donateur: Pooled Fund
País Donante: Niger
Support to improve the food security situation in the Central African Republic
12/02/2016 - To improve food security through more effective coordination and increased synergy among partners in the more
Code du projet: OSRO/CAF/403/USA
Pays Donateur: United States of America
País Donante: Central African Republic
Amélioration de la sécurité alimentaire, des moyens d
09/02/2016 - Renforcer la capacité des communautés pastorales et leurs structures de soutien pour la gestion des more
Code du projet: OSRO/RAF/103/SWI
Pays Donateur: Switzerland
País Donante: Regional Africa