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Projets Saillants

Support to agricultural recovery and improvement of food security in the Central African Republic
27/03/2017 - To strengthen community resilience by improving the livelihoods of communities affected by the series of crises in the Central African ...en lire plus
Code du projet: OSRO/CAF/602/UK
Pays Donateur: United Kingdom
Pays Bénéficiaire: Central African Republic
Contribution: USD 4 341 690

Derniers projets saillants

FAO Resilience Programme in Somalia
30/05/2016 - To support beneficiary households and communities diversify income sources and livelihood strategies, increase food production more
Code du projet: OSRO/SOM/415/NOR
Pays Donateur: Norway
País Donante: Somalia
FAO technical support to the COMESA-EAC-SADC Programme on Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in the Eastern and Southern Africa Region
18/05/2016 - To increase the number of farmers in Eastern and Southern Africa implementing climate-smart agriculture (CSA), more
Code du projet: OSRO/RAF/307/COM
Pays Donateur: Pooled Fund
País Donante: Regional Africa
Emergency livelihood support to crisis-affected populations in South Sudan
13/05/2016 - To contribute to protecting vulnerable populations affected by the ongoing crisis in South Sudan against more
Code du projet: OSRO/SSD/407/DEN
Pays Donateur: Denmark
País Donante: South Sudan
Assistance d’urgence en santé animale aux petits éleveurs touchés par les inondations en Serbie
13/05/2016 - Sauvegarder et restaurer les moyens de subsistance des petits éleveurs touchés par les inondations à more
Code du projet: OSRO/SRB/404/BEL
Pays Donateur: Belgium
País Donante: Serbia
Appui agricole en faveur des ménages affectés par la malnutrition et l
13/05/2016 - Restaurer les moyens de subsistance et renforcer la résilience des communautés affectées par la malnutrition more
Code du projet: OSRO/DRC/308/UNJ
Pays Donateur: Pooled Fund
País Donante: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Emergency support to staple crop production in the Syrian Arab Republic
12/05/2016 - To increase food access and consumption through the restoration of cereal production capacity in crisis-affected more
Code du projet: OSRO/SYR/404/ITA
Pays Donateur: Italy
País Donante: Syria
Appui d
09/05/2016 - Appuyer les populations hôtes et la communauté des réfugiés et retournés de la République centrafricaine more
Code du projet: OSRO/CHD/408/WBK
Pays Donateur: World Bank
País Donante: Chad
Appui aux réfugiés/retournés et communautés hôtes à Diffa
04/05/2016 - Améliorer la sécurité alimentaire et les moyens d’existence des réfugiés, retournés et familles hôtes de more
Code du projet: OSRO/NER/504/HCR
Pays Donateur: Pooled Fund
País Donante: Niger
Improvement of regional capacities for the prevention, control and eradication of HPED including HPAI in ASEAN and SAARC countries
04/05/2016 - To strengthen and empower ASEAN and SAARC in their ability to prevent, control and eradicate more
Code du projet: OSRO/RAS/901/EC
Pays Donateur: European Union
País Donante: Regional Asia and Pacific
Strengthening the resilience of small coffee producers affected by coffee leaf rust (Hemileia vastatrix) in the department of Huehuetenango in the northwestern region of Guatemala
04/05/2016 - To contribute to improve the resilience of small coffee producers affected by rust though capacity more
Code du projet: OSRO/GUA/401/ITA
Pays Donateur: Italy
País Donante: Guatemala