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Emergency Assistance to Respond to Outbreak of Date palm green pit-scale in Libya

Emergency Assistance to Respond to Outbreak of Date palm green pit-scale in Libya

Full title of the project:

Emergency Assistance to Respond to Outbreak of Date palm green pit-scale in Libya

Target areas:


USD 157 520
Project code:

To provide urgent assistance to respond and manage the date palm green pit scale pest in infested areas and limit its spread to non-infested areas in the other regions of Libya.

Key partners:

International Organization for Migration; Government of Libya Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Marine; National Centre for Plant Protection and Plant Quarantine; University of Sabha; University of Tripoli; national and local non-governmental organizations; various media outlets.

Beneficiaries reached:

Date farmers, particularly in desert oases regions, and their communities; government officials; members of non-governmental organizations; university researchers; those dependent on date industry in other regions of Libya and neighbouring countries.

Activities implemented:
  • Prepared and validated a programme and action plan to manage the pest in Libya.
  • Presented the programme and action plan to the Ministry of Agriculture and local stakeholders in the oases.
  • Provided training of trainers workshop on identification and control of date palm green pit scale insect to professionals from government and non-governmental organizations.
  • Provided training on best practices for integrated pest management in oasis ecosystems, for farmers, non-governmental organizations, national steering committee members and technical staff.
  • Purchased 10 small mechanical pruners to clean infested date palm and delivered them to the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Presented project activities on national television and radio.
  • Produced posters and flyers on integrated pest management to control date palm green pit scale and distributed them in the oases.
  • Created a Facebook group to share information about damage to date palm and to monitor project activities.
  • Increased capacity of farmers, technical staff and government specialists in Libya to identify and control the green pit scale insect, through training, programme planning assistance and provision of equipment.
  • Increased technical skills and experience among key stakeholders including researchers, government officials and members of non-governmental organizations, for surveillance and enforcement measures to increase resilience and limit the spread of the pest to other areas of Libya, and neighbouring countries.
  • Enhanced coordination through a new steering committee, established with the Ministry of Agriculture to fight against the pest, and designated coordinators from the date palm agricultural sector in targeted areas.