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Solar Energy for Agriculture in Gaza

Solar Energy for Agriculture in Gaza

Full title of the project:

Solar Energy for Agriculture in Gaza

Target areas:

Gaza strip

USD 940 378
Project code:

To protect agricultural production, agricultural livelihoods and food security of vulnerable farming communities with a consistent, clean and renewable source of energy to ensure sufficient irrigation of crops.

Key partners:

Ministry of Agriculture.

Beneficiaries reached:

508 households (2 844 people). 

Activities implemented:
  • Equipped 16 irrigation wells (five more than initially planned) with solar-powered pumping systems to ensure sufficient extraction of water for use in irrigation.
  • Equipped 51 water-harvesting irrigation ponds (21 more than initially planned) with solar-powered energy sources to power electrical motors required to irrigate agriculture land.
  • Increased the quantity of water extracted from wells, reduced well owners’ operating costs by 70 percent and reduced water subscription fees for farming households, thus increasing the irrigated land area from 6.6 hectares to 280 hectares and benefiting 414 households.
  • Decreased operational costs of irrigation ponds for 94 pond owners, with ponds supplying water for irrigation to 79.6 hectares of land.