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The implementation of Cash-For-Work activities in Timor-Leste

The implementation of Cash-For-Work activities in Timor-Leste

Full title of the project:

The implementation of Cash-For-Work activities for Spanish-Funded Conditional Cash Transfers (CCT) Pilot Project

Target areas:

Baucau district

USD 700 000
Project code:

To assist in enhancing watershed conservation through improved management of water and forestry resources in the uplands of Baucau district.

Key partners:

World Food Programme, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, and local NGOs.

Beneficiaries reached:

The project directly benefited 553 vulnerable farming families and approximately 3 000 indirect beneficiaries.

Activities implemented:
  • Rehabilitated irrigation canals in five rural communities in the sub-district of Quelicai.
  • Planted 40 347 seedlings over 11.8 hectares through the project’s reforestation component.
  • Provided work to 561 labourers through a cash-for-work programme.
  • In addition to delivering water to the targeted communities, the irrigation project’s cash-for-work programme generated USD 60 000 for 337 beneficiaries.
  • Established 11.8 hectares of reforested coverage in the sub-districts of Quelicai and Baguia, employing 224 subsistence farmers (85 women) during field operations for a total of USD 80 000.
  • Some reforestation plantings were located to reinforce the edges of the irrigation systems, while others were adopted to reduce landslides and soil erosion; moreover, the cash crop trees stimulated the establishment of some agro-forestry pilot plots with the aim to increase no-timber forestry production.