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Protection of livelihoods of small ruminant herders in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

Protection of livelihoods of small ruminant herders in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

Full title of the project:

Protection of livelihoods of small ruminant herders and promotion of better herd management in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

Target areas:

Jenin, East Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron and the Gaza Strip.

USD 1 590 931
Project code:

To provide a range of sustainable services and inputs to both small ruminants herders and vulnerable farming households in the WBGS in order to mitigate the impact of severe conditions on their livelihoods.

Key partners:

The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), Palestinian Livestock Development Center, Young Men's Christian Association, Union of Agricultural Work Committees and Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development.

Beneficiaries reached:

1 953 households (11 718 individuals).

Activities implemented:
  • Distributed artificial insemination (AI) equipment and relevant training to 178 herder households and milk processing units to 513 households.
  • Provided 1 520 tonnes of mixed fodder to 784 households and various fodder production inputs for growing shrubs in MoA nurseries.
  • Provided 71 tonnes of drought tolerant cereal and legume seeds to 513 households.
  • Provided veterinary kits to 200 livestock-rearing households.
  • Rehabilitated/constructed 20 water cisterns for 60 households and provided 50 communal water reservoirs to 163 households.
  • Fodder distribution has resulted in improved animal health and productivity.
  • AI activities have led to increased livestock reproduction and an over increase in the adoption of AI practice in the project areas.
  • Improved access to water improve the economic condition of herder households who no longer needed to by tinkered water.