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Emergency rehabilitation of agricultural production in Haiti

Emergency rehabilitation of agricultural production in Haiti

Full title of the project:

Emergency rehabilitation of agricultural production in Haiti after the earthquake

Target areas:

Western and Southern Departments.

USD 538 358
Project code:

To enhance the food self-sufficiency and rehabilitate the food production capacity of families affected by the earthquake, and the communities receiving displaced people, by providing emergency support to agricultural production.

Key partners:

The Ministry of Agriculture (Haiti) and selected non-governmental organizations.

Beneficiaries reached:

9 000 vulnerable households (or 45 000 individuals).

Activities implemented:
  •  Distribution of 1565 tonnes of cereals and legumes, and 8 629 tonnes of vegetable seeds.
  •  Distribution of 25 100 agricultural tools.
  •  Distribution of agricultural kits including fertilizer.
  •  Support to farmers with technical advice.
  •  Enabled the production of approximately 3 000 tonnes of edible crops, including maize, black  beans and tomatoes.
  •  Guaranteed food production to the beneficiary families over a period of three to four months.
  •  Improved the overall food security in the project area through the provision of different types of    seeds.
  •  Assisted the beneficiaries in becoming less dependent on food aid.