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Emergency food security and livelihoods restoration support in Sudan

Emergency food security and livelihoods restoration support in Sudan

Full title of the project:

Emergency food security and livelihoods restoration support to conflict- and drought-affected households in South Kordofan and Blue Nile

Target areas:

South Kordofan and Blue Nile

USD 1 500 000
Project code:

To improve the food and livelihood security of conflict- and drought-affected households in South Kordofan and Blue Nile.

Key partners:

Government institutions, international and local NGOs and research institutions.

Beneficiaries reached:

71 500 households, comprised of returnees, IDPs, nomads and vulnerable resident communities.

Activities implemented:
  • Distributed crop and vegetable seed kits to 12 000 households, as well as small-scale irrigation pumps to 40 farmer’s groups.
  • Restocked 1 000 female-headed households with a total 3 300 goats.
  • Set up eight community-based seed stores and five community nurseries.
  • Produced 100 000 multipurpose tree seedlings and distributed them to 20 000 households.
  • Carried out veterinary and treatment campaigns against common livestock diseases.
  • Organized three fishing groups to officially register them as fishing cooperative associations.
  • Conducted two assessments in Blue Nile – one on FAO fisheries interventions and one on FAO vegetable and legume production support – and an additional assessment on the livestock situation between South Kordofan and South Sudan.
  • Constructed 900 km of fire lines around pasture areas in South Kordofan.
  • Provided training to environment protection promoters, community animal health workers, community seed management committees, fisherfolk and female-headed pastoral households.
  • Beneficiaries were able to harvest approximately 3 139.5 tonnes of grains and 949.4 tonnes of vegetables, worth approximately USD 2.1 million.
  • Reduced the mortality and morbidity rate of 840 000 heads of livestock, belonging to 37 500 households.
  • Increased milk and meat production of vulnerable livestock-owning households.
  • Improved access to quality processed and preserved fish among local fishing communities.
  • Assisted in the reforestation of degraded lands in the project area.
  • Obtained a better understanding on the impact of FAO emergency activities in Blue Nile and on livestock movements in South Kordofan.