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Assistance immédiate aux populations vulnérables au Nord du Mali

Assistance immédiate aux populations vulnérables au Nord du Mali

Full title of the project:

Assistance immédiate aux populations vulnérables des régions de Gao, Mopti et Tombouctou au Nord du Mali par la restauration de leur productivité agro-aquacole et l'amélioration de la sécurité alimentaire

Target areas:

Gao, Mopti and Timbuktu

USD 2 000 000
Project code:

To contribute to reinforce and protect the food and nutrition security of vulnerable households in the affected regions to resume agricultural and aquaculture production.

Key partners:

The decentralized technical services of the Government of the various project areas, local authorities, the Institut d’économie rural du Mali and Non-governmental Organizations.

Beneficiaries reached:

4 853 households (33 971 people), of which 4 353 households for the agriculture project component and 500 households for the aquaculture component.

Activities implemented:
  • Established multiple committees within the beneficiary villages to provide support in terms of identification and selection of beneficiaries, distribution of inputs and monitoring.
  • Procured and distributed the following types and quantities of crop seeds: 400 kg of maize, 1 100 kg of millet, 3 500 kg of cowpea, 56 950 kg of rice and 1 100 kg of sorghum.
  • Procured and distributed 277 875 kg of fertilizer and 8 050 agricultural tools (hoes, watering cans, etc.).
  • Procured and distributed vegetable seeds (56 kg of cabbage, 51 kg of carrot, 20 kg of okra, 50 kg of onion, 51 kg of tomato, 40 kg of shallot and 30 000 kg of shallot bulbs) and 36 000 kg of potato plants.
  • Provided beneficiaries with the necessary equipment to rehabilitate perimeters against animal wandering.
  • Distributed of 183 435 hatchlings, 49 600 kg of hatchling feed and 100 fish kits.
  • Organized training sessions on crop and vegetable production, and aquaculture techniques.
  • Cultivated 411.48 ha of land with an estimated total crop production of 9 142 tonnes (estimated value of USD 3 016 875).
  • Cultivated 2 103.5 ha of land with an estimated total vegetable production of 6 411 tonnes (estimated value of USD 3 946 534).
  • Rehabilitated five perimeters (5.5 ha of land).
  • Contributed to reinforce social cohesion and income opportunities, and reduce population movement.
  • Reinforced beneficiaries’ technical capacities related to agricultural and aquaculture production.