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Increasing food security and employment opportunities for vulnerable youth in Somalia

Increasing food security and employment opportunities for vulnerable youth in Somalia

Full title of the project:

Increasing food security and employment opportunities for vulnerable youth in Puntland and Mudug

Target areas:

Puntland State

USD 1 287 001
Project code:

To promote youth engagement in improving their livelihoods through the provision of viable livelihood alternatives in the fisheries sector.

Key partners:

The Puntland Regional Authority, the Puntland Highway Authority and the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources.

Beneficiaries reached:

45 Eyl community members directly benefited from training activities (30 on fish marketing and 15 on cooperative and public-private partnership management), and an estimated 200 fishermen will indirectly benefit as a result of the rehabilitated infrastructure.

Activities implemented:
  • Undertook a comprehensive fisheries market survey with 100 individuals organized into focus groups, emphasizing the participation of youth.
  • Conducted two training sessions in Eyl and Hobyo for a total of 30 participants (including fishermen’s association members, unemployed youth and female representatives) to build capacity on business management, supervision of fish landing facilities and targeting fishing communities and their organizations.
  • Rehabilitated two sections of road between the landing site and market (totalling 9.3 km) and flattened 150 m of road between the fish marketing and receiving station.
  • Renovated the Eyl fish market and equipped it with an ice machine, cold store and plate freezer and generator procured under the project.
  • Established a public-private partnership to run the rehabilitated fish market and freezer; some 15 beneficiaries received training on the running of cooperatives, public-private partnerships and marketing.
  • Rehabilitated the Eyl Marine School in response to the region’s general lack of vocational training capacity in boat building and repair, engine maintenance and fish processing, among other fishing topics.
  • Contributed to the enhanced resilience of coastal communities through the rehabilitation of key livelihood infrastructure in the fisheries sector.
  • Improved capacity for local employment and the sustainable management of marine resources in the area through enhanced access to landings, proper storage and markets.
  • Enhanced trade linkages and improved storage capacities, thereby improving potential of the local fisheries sector and reducing the spoilage of catches.
  • Increased capacity for youth employment in the fisheries sector, thereby reducing the risk of community members engaging piracy activities.