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Assistance through FAO for the control of rabies in Indonesia

Assistance through FAO for the control of rabies in Indonesia

Full title of the project:

Assistance through FAO for the control of rabies in Indonesia

Target areas:


USD 500 000
Project code:

To safeguard human health and secure livelihood opportunities for the rural and urban communities dependant on viable industries, by reducing the risk of rabies on the island of Bali and in Indonesia.

Key partners:

Government institutions at the district, provincial and central levels, Ministry of Agriculture, World Society for the Protection of Animals, Bali Animal Welfare Association, Bali Livestock Service, World Health Organization and Indonesian Veterinary Medical Association.

Beneficiaries reached:

Government agencies, research institutions, human and animal health sectors, vaccinators, vaccine cold chain officers and the international community.

Activities implemented:
  • Developed rabies rapid response training modules for 72 existing Participatory Disease Surveillance and
  • Response (PDSR)-trained officers and 13 local government staff.
  • Conducted 13 training of master trainer (ToMT) modules and four modified phytosanitary capacity evaluation modules for 18 master trainers (MTs) and 704 Government officers (599 male and 105 female).
  • Organized six training Integrated Bite Case Management (IBCM) protocol modules for 13 local government animal health surveillance officers, 37 district and sub-district PDSR and Ministry of Health MTs, and 76 PDSR and 85 sub-district surveillance (97 male and 64 female) staff from local government and human and animal health sectors.
  • Performed a five-day training for 44 vaccine cold chain government officers at provincial and district level.
  • Provided a two-day training for 114 vaccinators and logistics officers at provincial and district level.
  • Conducted a vaccination team refresher training for 558 Government officers (493 male and 65 female).
  • Organized A-team training for 109 participants (90 male and 19 female) from 15 A-teams and 12 participants from 15 vaccination teams.
  • Performed a ToMT in dog catching for nine MTs (seven male and two female) and one Directorate of Animal Health participant.
  • Provided a rabies control training in Bali for ten MTs.
  • Established a sustainable model for rabies control that focuses on mass dog vaccination in Bali with wider application to other rabies-affected provinces and areas in Indonesia.
  • Familiarized professionals with the IBCM system, contributing to improved rabies case detection, reporting and targeted control.
  • Improved MTs capacity in rabies control.
  • Equipped professionals with the skills necessary to prevent, diagnose and control rabies.
  • Strengthened communication between the human and animal health sectors.