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Somalia Water and Land Information Management (SWALIM): Improving flood risk management in Somalia

Somalia Water and Land Information Management (SWALIM): Improving flood risk management in Somalia

Full title of the project:

Somalia Water and Land Information Management (SWALIM): Improving flood risk management in Somalia

Target areas:


USD 500 000
Project code:

To strengthen community resilience through the use of flood risk and early warning information, and to develop the capacity of partners in flood risk management.

Key partners:

Somalia Disaster Management Agency (SODMA) and the General Service Agency.

Beneficiaries reached:

Government ministries and institutions, UN agencies and local and international NGOs.

Activities implemented:
  • Established a Flood Information Centre to improve flood and early warning information and monitoring at SODMA in Mogadishu, and equipping the Centre with GPS handsets, computers, cameras and other necessary office equipment.
  • Trained 23 staff from SODMA, line ministries and academic institutions in flood and drought monitoring, preparedness, response, management and contingency planning, as well as carrying out livelihood and environmental baseline surveys.
  • Developed a disaster risk reduction training material kit to improve capacity building activities.
  • Produced and disseminated 70 regular bulletins (including three-day rainfall forecasts, seven-day flood watch and dekadal rainfall bulletins) and flood alerts during the 2016 gu and deyr seasons.
  • Conducted a stakeholders workshop which brought together 40 participants from government, local authorities, NGOs and UN agencies to assess the capacity needs of partners for the development of a flood and drought contingency plan.
  • Developed a contingency plan outlining mitigation plans for both floods and drought, which was implemented during the 2016/17 drought; information was used to advise government and humanitarian partners on priority response activities.
  • Trained six enumerators and carried out a water sources survey covering 530 water points in Bay and Bakool Regions, the data from which was used to update SWALIM’s water sources live map.
  • Strengthened humanitarian response to the 2016/17 drought in Somalia through the provision of regular updates on weather, flood risk and early warning information gathered, as well as strategic information on available quality water sources.
  • Improved capacity of SODMA to support different stakeholders with various weather data requests and analyses through the established Flood Information Centre, including government, NGOs and learning institutions.
  • Enhanced government capacity to better prepare for and respond to floods and droughts through raised awareness on risk and response information management systems.