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Support for agriculture, food security, and nutrition information in South Sudan (SAFaNIS)

Support for agriculture, food security, and nutrition information in South Sudan (SAFaNIS)

Full title of the project:

Support for agriculture, food security, and nutrition information in South Sudan (SAFaNIS)

Target areas:

South Sudan

USD 1 808 828
Project code:

Enhancing evidence-based policy and institutional capacity, hazards preparedness, prevention and management and humanitarian response.

Key partners:

Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, National Bureau of Statistics, UN agencies, NGOs.

Beneficiaries reached:

Stakeholders in the agriculture, nutrition and food security sectors, namely national and state government ministries and departments, humanitarian and development partners, UN agencies and local and international NGOs.

Activities implemented:
  • Production of three Integrated Food Security Phase Classification reports, one Crop and Food Security Assessment Mission analysis and two Crop Watch reports.
  • Training of 587 people (511 men and 76 women) as enumerators for the two rounds of Food Security and Nutrition Monitoring System surveys conducted in 2017.
  • Provision of technical and financial support to the government institutions to maintain their technical capacity and to also participate in crop assessments, data collection, and IPC analyses.
  • Involvement of 200 County Crop Monitoring Committees (CCMC) data collectors (188 men and 12 women) in providing reports that captured crop field observations and presented them through pre-agreed templates on a monthly basis.
  • Development of key parameters to be monitored under the livestock monitoring system, including migration patterns, body condition, pasture and water availability, diseases, livestock holdings, livestock sales, and livelihood strategies and coping options for cattle keepers.
  • Piloting of a livestock data collection tool on 11 sites.
  • Contributed to ensuring that the South Sudan agriculture and food security information systems and methodologies meet internationally recognized standards to be used by all stakeholders.
  • Enhanced the Crop and Livestock Market Information System (CLiMIS) in order to contribute to informed food security policy decision and strategic planning.
  • Developed and integrated interactive maps and charts for crop, market, rainfall and IPC data into the CLiMIS.
  • Improved data collection and reporting on crop field observations thanks to the increase of the number of counties with functional CCMCs from 22 to 39.