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Open Projects

Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
07/02/2106 Fourniture d’une assistance technique de gestion des filieres agro pastorales dans le corridor Kalemie Nyunzu
Democratic Republic of the Congo 1 508 911 Pooled Fund UTF /DRC/068/DRC
27/08/2018 Provision of FSL pipeline to protect the livelihoods of crisis-affected populations in Greater Bahr el Ghazal and Greater Upper Nile, South Sudan
South Sudan 1 450 000 Pooled Fund OSRO/SSD/806/CHU
21/08/2018 Emergency agriculture assistance to returnees, IDPs and host communities affected by the insurgency in northeastern Nigeria
Nigeria 804 829 Switzerland OSRO/NIR/808/SWI
10/08/2018 Emergency food security, agriculture and livestock assistance for drought-affected populations
Afghanistan 2 000 000 CERF OSRO/AFG/804/CHA
07/08/2018 Strengthening coordination and information systems in response to drought conditions and other hazards threatening food security, nutrition and livelihoods in Southern Africa
Regional Africa 900 000 United States of America OSRO/SFS/801/USA
03/08/2018 Water for food security
Yemen 5 000 000 Kuwait OSRO/YEM/805/KUW
03/08/2018 Building community-based resilience to landslides through rehabilitation and mitigation actions in Nepal
Nepal 99 997 United States of America OSRO/NEP/801/USA
03/08/2018 Provide humanitarian livelihood support to IDPs, returnees and vulnerable host communities in West Kordofan State and Abyei North
Sudan 800 000 United States of America OSRO/SUD/806/USA
03/08/2018 Securing the main livelihood of livestock farmers in the regions of Tahoua and Tillabéry
Niger 1 365 883 CERF OSRO/NER/803/CHA
31/07/2018 Technical Assistance to Support Food Security and Agriculture Sector/Cluster – Whole of Syria - Coordination
Syria 200 000 United States of America OSRO/SYR/809/USA
25/07/2018 Early Action to mitigate the effects of migration from Venezuela on vulnerable livelihoods in the La Guajira department, Colombia
Colombia 400 000 Sweden OSRO/COL/803/SWE
19/07/2018 Réponse d'urgence et d'appui à l'amélioration de la résilience des populations vulnérables dans les zones à risque du Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso 1 300 000 Switzerland OSRO/BKF/803/SWI
13/07/2018 Acting early to prevent the spread and impact of Rift Valley Fever on vulnerable populations in Kenya
Kenya 320 000 Sweden OSRO/KEN/802/SWE
11/07/2018 Emergency support for agriculture-based livelihoods through preservation of livestock assets
Yemen 1 050 000 Pooled Fund OSRO/YEM/804/CHA
10/07/2018 Capacity building to increase food security and drought resilience in Haiti and the Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic - Haiti - Regional Latin America 1 157 408 European Union OSRO/RLA/801/EC
09/07/2018 Appui à l’amélioration de la résilience des éleveurs et agropasteurs dans la zone pastorale de Tillabéri
Niger 477 917 France OSRO/NER/802/FRA
04/07/2018 Improving livelihoods of women through empowering vulnerable crisis-affected households
Syria 682 000 UNFPA UNJP/SYR/021/FPA
29/06/2018 Livestock programming for nutritional improvements in children under five years of age
Kenya 2 000 000 United States of America OSRO/KEN/801/USA
26/06/2018 Emergency Food Security Assessment (EFSA)
Afghanistan 200 000 Pooled Fund OSRO/AFG/803/WFP
25/06/2018 Emergency post-flood food production and drought mitigation - Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU)
Somalia 1 590 279 United Kingdom OSRO/SOM/812/UK
25/06/2018 Emergency post-flood food production and drought mitigation
Somalia 15 902 791 United Kingdom OSRO/SOM/811/UK
22/06/2018 Aide d’urgence pour la lutte contre l’invasion de la chenille legionnaire d’automne
Cape Verde 22/06/2018 African Development Bank OSRO/CVI/803/AFB
21/06/2018 Interventions d'urgence pour protéger et restaurer les moyens d'existence des ménages vulnérables affectés par la crise pastorale dans les régions du nord et du centre du Mali
Mali 1 500 000 CERF OSRO/MLI/805/CHA
12/06/2018 Risk-based control of Foot-and-Mouth disease in Pakistan
Pakistan 6 598 917 Pooled Fund UTF /PAK/145/PAK
08/06/2018 Renforcement de la résilience des populations vulnérables face à la variabilité climatique au Mali
Sweden 2 300 000 Sweden OSRO/MLI/804/SWE
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